The Boys Milestones

Lane started Kindergarten last week, and is very much a little boy with only a small trace of preschooler left. Little things like not having a morning snack in kindergarten, dropping his daily nap (he still does maybe three times a week), and his expanded vocabulary show his maturing. He stays on task much longer and is a big helper with Luke. He completed six months of speech therapy last spring, and the improvement was awesome! My friend Kalee is a wonderful speech therapist, and Lane looked forward to seeing her weekly. The highlight of Lane's summer was fishing. He gets this passion honestly--both of his grandfathers and his father love it as well. He would spend all day on the wharf with his fishing pole if he could.

He caught his first red snapper off the Fishers of Men with Pal, Pie, Holden, James, and Bryant Traylor

intense concentration

Holden is four, and is right there in the "middle" of everything. He likes to know who is doing what when. I can mention any plans for the next week or month, and he reminds me of them constantly. (I can't imagine where he gets this from, ha!) He also loved fishing, playing at the beach, and being in the action of whatever activity was happening. I am so thankful for Holden's love to snuggle and chill with me. He also loves to help me in the kitchen, and proudly makes the best rice krispy treats (of course that is the first thing I taught him!).

that face!! FOUR years old

love his enthusiasm

He wanted a Batman cake with Superman plates, always very specific!

Slip and Slide fun!
(side note--those balloons lasted about five minutes, so if you ever get them, have realistic expectations about their longevity around kids

thanks Kate! He is a candy corn lover like his momma

more fishing fun

Luke is a perfect caboose--full of spunk, fearless, and the ability to go with the flow (as long as he is not being left out!). He turns two in a little over a week. He has gotten very verbal, with his favorite phrases being "Oh Man!" at the appropriate destructive moments, "Come on Boys!" to his older brothers when he wants them to follow him, and "I eat!" as he has quite the appetite. He loves all things Daddy--riding around in the safari car, helping him outside, and watching cartoons in his lap. 
He is the first child that didn't cry when I dropped him off for the first day of 2k, didn't miss a beat. 
I want to freeze this stage as toddlerhood is one that is so easy to wish away--the being in diapers, stubborn fits, and nap schedules. But this go round, I am enjoying it all as I know it passes so quickly.
He does what I call the "chicken wing". He gets a little hop in his step and throws out his arms resemble a chicken. He does it on command :)

sand and water--perfect combination! 

this is blurry but depicts his "pouty lip" so well

First day of school--I told him to go get ready and this was what he came back with

swimming with his buddy Aimee

end of summer at Fishers

Luke playing with Emi and Ellie

be still my heart

three amigos

All right, I am sure only grandmothers are still tuned in, but I have missed so much so had to get it all in!!

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