Mother Of All Ski Trips that is....
We went with a group of five other couples to Park City, Utah to ski a month ago. It was awesome, great group, and a great time was has by all!
The Sams, Osborns, Atchisons, Griffins, Tuckers, and Woods

The first night we traveled via sleigh to dinner at a "Yurt" on the top of the mountain.
It was an experience to say the least. 

cold and cozy

view of Park City below

a few "spirits" to warm us up

my one fall of the trip was well documented

Brett had his GoPro to capture all of our amazing skiing (wink wink)

great to spend time with this guy

view of Deer Valley from St. Regis where the ladies had a spa afternoon, it was fabulous. 
Deer Valley is still my favorite place to ski...wonderful groomed runs, awesome lunch spots, and no snow boarders.

So much fun! We had such a great group, and really enjoyed fellowship with friends. Skiing is such a good vacation to do with couples. We decided it would be a tradition :)