2 weeks

 Lane will be 3 weeks tomorrow!  These are his 2 week pictures from last Friday.
He looks a little terrified!
not quite sure about Mr. Dog

"fine mom, I'll cooperate, as long as you'll feed me soon"

He really is a sweet baby. He does not fuss often, and when he does it is usually around 6:00 pm, when we have finally figured out he wants to eat about twice as much before going to bed. I am enjoying our days together. He is awake most of the morning, and we read, talk, take a sponge bath (cord is still on) and play in the swing and little lamb. Little lamb is by far his favorite (thanks Morlene!).  If all else fails, we swaddle, put in him in, and turn it on WITH the music. Music is key for full effect, I have learned. When James get home in the afternoon, we enjoy this beautiful weather and stroll. 
We did have our first "up most of the night" experience last night. The little man is congested and cannot breathe very well. Through the night he made gasping for air like noises and scared us to death. He also spit up most of his meals through the night. Not so much fun...after one frantic calm call to Dr. J we learned the spit up is due to the congestion and we needed to start cleaning him out with saline and the bulb. The dreaded bulb. He sees it coming and starts wailing...not that I blame him. I make James do it. 
Anyway, he seems slightly improved today, so we will continue. That is all for now from baby world. 


One Week

A little late, but here are his one week pictures...

And here at 12 days...


His birth story

Dearest James Lane Osborn Jr.,
Feb. 3rd 2011
Your daddy and I are so ready to meet you! I was hoping you would be here by now, but you must be pretty comfortable in my tummy. Your grandmother Pie was in town today and took us to lunch. We met Aunt Lacey at Olexa's in Mountain Brook Village and ate well...chicken panini, asparagus soup, and caramel apple pie. Pie and I then went walking around shops in Pepper Place hoping to encourage you to come on out, but to no avail. It started snowing and sleeting when we were there, and Pie decided to spend the night with us. We had Chinese for dinner and your daddy made a big fire. I went to bed and had some strong back cramps, but no contractions.
Feb. 4th 2011
Today we had our appointment with Dr. P. at St. Vincent's, you are 40 weeks. They checked out all of my vitals and such, and found out my platelet levels were still low. Dr. P explained that if they went much lower I would not be able to have an epidural. Well, Lane, I would do anything do get you out safe and sound, but I do not have a natural birth plan. We discussed possibly inducing the next week, but there was still the possibility that my platelet levels would be too low. We decided to go ahead and induce TODAY, and meet you! We immediately left  Dr. P's office and headed to check in to the hospital. I called your daddy, and told him we were on GO. Pie stayed with me until he got there, and then went to get all of our bags at home. Here is how the rest of your birthday looked (as documented by Pie in my journal)
9:00-  checked in to room 308, your daddy came from his Pedo seminar
9:08-Dr. P broke my water and started Pitocin, contractions started strong
10:30-epidural, AMAZING!
11:50-nurse Lauren said I was 4.5-5 cm dilated...we are moving right along!

hoping gravity will help (and obviously had already had the epidural)
best husband ever, I looked over and he was pushing just as hard as me

12:00- Jim, Shelia, and Pal all have arrived.
12:30-Lacey brought Tazikis lunch to everyone 
1:30-Michael and Betsy arrive, I am at 7 cm!
2:30-Molly comes by to check progress and brings flowers and Dreamcakes, all friends are texting to keep up progress (Maggie from Pennsylvania), nurse checks, still 7cm
2:50-Jana and Mac arrive
3:30-Jennifer the next nurse checks and I am 10 cm! Time to push!
4:06-Dr. Estess (dr on call), comes in, 2 pushes and you are here at 4:11 pm
seeing you for the first time

your daddy cutting the cord
everyone anxiously waiting to meet you

journal of the days events

healthy baby boy
in awe!

5:30-everyone gets to meet you...
your grandmother Shelia loves you already!

as does Pie
so sweet, this is how you looked in all of your ultrasounds

your family loves you

Maggie and Mitchell came to meet you as she flew in from work in Penn
Feb. 5th 2011
We had a good first night. We are figuring out this breastfeeding thing. You are doing well! You had your first poopie and wet diaper (this was a BIG deal). Lots of friends and family came to meet you. 
Liney came to see you, and you wore the hat she made you
your cousins Sam and Fair came to meet you, you will have lots of fun with them when we move to Selma

Fair checking out your fingers

Sam loved holding you, he said he would teach you how to shoot guns

Pie and Pal with their grandchildren

We love you so much!

you are worn out from all your visitors
our friend Deann, came and took some pictures, we love them

we had a birthday party to celebrate your big day (thanks Mols)

your Aunt Jana, you will like her alot, she will take you to do lots of fun things

everyone's predictions of how big, long, and when you would arrive...winner was to get Demetri's french toast...since there was no clear winner, Pal brought me french toast anyway
Feb 6th, Sunday
We are taking you home today! You get to meet your big brother Amos. We got you up and dressed for going home (It is 37 degrees outside, but sunny and beautiful!)

your going home outfit was made by Rita Boyd and given to you by Margaret Boyd and Aunt Ann, Shannon, Mary Russell and Gigi.

your Daddy thinks it is funny that you must wear a "dress" to go home in, but you look so handsome

meeting Amos, he just wanted to lick your toes
your Mamaw Lane and Nix cousins came down from Russellville to meet you
Daddy, you and Papaw Lane
your grandaddy Jim loves to hold you

your great Aunt Elon came to town, Uncle Mac and Aunt Lacey cooked vegetable risotto and we toasted your arrival with J Schram from Napa

these are out of order, but this is your Uncle Michael, he will take you to lots of Auburn football games
one of my favorites, when your daddy introduced you as James Lane Osborn Jr to everyone

Well my little man, that gives you an idea of how you came into the world...surrounded by family and friends that love you. We are so amazed that God has given us you....we love you so much already. Your aunts were praying for you and God told them you are a man of honesty. We claim this for you, and know that you will grow into a man of honesty and integrity (like your namesake). We love you unconditionally and are honored that we get to be your parents.


Baby Love

Oh my goodness....I could eat him up!! Here are some pictures of Lane from today....
Just chillin'

look at my dimple mom

the snow wears me out!

don't worry my other baby is adusting