17 weeks and Randoms

This pregnancy is moving right along and has not gotten much blog time, but I guess that is the case when you have two little rascals around. Overall, I have felt great this go round, I think mainly due to lack of time to think about it, and being it better shape. Last weekend, I did have my first bout with bad indigestion, and for those of you that have it throughout the 9 months, SO SORRY.  We find out the gender next week at our 18 week appointment. I can't wait!!
Cravings: hummus with pretzels (specifically the very thin ones), bran cereal/muffins (thanks Jones fam for supplying me this week), chocolate, and sandwiches preferably turkey with ranch
Wearing: everything is hitting the uncomfortable mark, so the rubber band trick is coming in handy.
The good thing about having three babies in three years is that I have a wide array of sizes, so I really have just pulled out some of my "big girl" jeans and been comfortable. I have one Michael Stars shirt below, that is probably my favorite right now due to its long length and comfort.
my husband thought this was hilarious! and yes we saw it, pulled over on the side of the road just to take a picture

We attended my friend, Brooke's wedding this past weekend in Point Clear. It could not have been more beautiful! It was so much fun catching up with all of my pledge sisters...
squirrels for life, ha!

Group with some of our significant others


perfect sunset

We have had fun in the past month playing with friends:
Crawford and Holden, born one day apart

can't wait to pull this out again when they are Seniors, Georgia is a cutie pie

Holden and Rayne having a play date 

This one cracks me up! Love the Bman

such a good daddy

Holden is my morning bird, we wake up the same...ready to EAT and play

Meet Oliver Gaines, he is precious, looks like his momma


CABO Meeting/Vaca

Last week, James and I headed with the our friends, Brett and Kate to Cabo San Lucas. 
Our purpose was two fold, dental meetings and RELAXATION

arrival, very happy for some R&R

We stayed at a resort called Las Ventanas al Paraiso, definitely one of the nicest places we have ever been

Every meal was a feast...shrimp tacos the first day lunch

Margarita anyone?!

before dinner, so much fun getting to travel with the Woods, we have very similar vaca styles :)

My husband was in cerveza heaven

we enjoyed this private cabana one afternoon

Cheers! Don't worry Kate and I were tame

One of my favorite parts of any vacation is breakfast in your room or in this case, on your patio. Something about wearing your bathrobe as you enjoy fresh pastries and coffee is heavenly. 

banana french toast

The resort was stunning at night....think candles, twinkling lights, etc. everywhere

One highlight was the authentic Mexican Fiesta night on the beach...

it was gorgeous....an example of how detailed this resort is is that they landscape the sand. every morning all the sand is freshly raked and sculpted to say something or for decorative purpose. you can't really tell in this picture but they had "steps" in the sand that led to our table. also fire pits in the sand...

Desserts, I might have tried everyone :)

pots with all different Mexican dishes...my favorites were the shrimp and chorizo and rice

the night was completed with flamingo dancers and a mariachi band

James, me, and 14 weeks Baby O #3

Good Morning Cabo
One of the best parts of the trip was the weather...80 and sunny every day
Another cool thing was it was whale season, and we saw whales right off the beach multiple times a day. They would blow this horn and that meant look up, a whale is jumping!

14 weeks and 13 weeks,  respectively 
Brett took James on a fishing trip to try to catch a big game fish (one of his bucket list items)
They BOTH caught stripped Marlin and were very happy campers. Above is James's fish

they said these seals would swim up to the back of your boat and beg for food

The only negative to the vacation was three of us (excluding James) had a stomach bug for a day...not sure if it was something we ate or something we took with us as ALL of Selma, including my two had it this past week. (by the way BIG THANKS to Pie and Pal for not only babysitting, but babysitting kiddos with the stomach bug)
If you ever need any information or have any questions on the resort or Cabo in general, please ask!