All about Holden

 This little boy is 11 months old TODAY and in typical second child fashion as been slightly neglected on the blog as far as milestones...so a big update is below...If you are not a grand parent this might be a bit too detailed :)
He is as sweet as they come, I mean want to cover him with kisses constantly sweet. He only gets upset when he is being left out of something with big brother and when he is tired/hungry. He loves to be held and is a hip baby. 

He is all over the place...fast crawler, climbing all over everything, taking steps usually around 5-6 at a time.  He loves peek a boo, hiding anywhere (as a matter of fact his big brother has taught him to climb in cabinets and sit still until I walk by and then he pops out giggling!) 

He is a morning bird and wakes up ready to GO! He is talking up a storm, I really don't remember Lane being this verbal...he says clearly "Go", "Dog", " Daddee" "Momma",  "Ball" and "Baba" (bottle)
It is nice because he let's you know what he wants and when he wants it!

If you say "Can I have a Kiss?" He lays one on you, sometimes with full tongue :)
He waves "bye bye" and claps and bounces with music.

 He is the world pickiest eater, which is ironic because he started out eating everything.
He could live on grilled cheese, french fries, and formula. (I know I sound like a great momma!) This is mainly due to the frequent trips to the beach where we eat out more and this is the easiest things for him to eat.  He balances out his diet with blueberries, cheese, and yogurt.  Clearly, he is well nourished as at his 9 month appointment he weighed 23.5 pounds putting him in the 75th percentile. Lane weights 28 pounds, so Holden is closing in...

He loves a sink bath, I think mainly because then he doesn't have to share toys and attention with big brother. He also loves playing outside and riding with Lane on the gator and in the wagon. He is not so much a pool water baby, which is unfortunate since we have a pool in the backyard. He likes it as long as I am holding him firmly on my hip :) 

(I promise I do shower occasionally, though you can't tell from my Iphone pics!) He loves to hang out in the baby bjorn and "help" me around the kitchen.

hanging with his girlfriends, Emily and Elliott

playing hide and seek

Such a JOY! I hate my baby is turning into a toddler, but LOVE seeing his personality develop.  I think one major difference with him as a second child is that I am a lot more relaxed. I realize how quickly these precious days pass and don't get quite as anxious about when he is meeting a milestone, and is it time for this and that?, or is he having enough interaction with other children, do I need to work on colors, numbers, shapes? Is he going to have issues if he has an oreo before age one? Gasp. 
I know I will blink and he will be telling me "No Momma" and "Stop Momma" and we will have to be working on disciplining...so I am really thankful for my 11 month old :)


Fishing and the Boys

Snapper season opened last weekend to the delight of my husband, so he and a few friends went fishing in OBA last weekend. I don't think the conditions were that great (aka 3-5 foot waves) but that didn't stop them....
pictures courtesy of Captain Wood

Dr. Osborn and Dr. Turner, never a dull moment
I think he is mimicking his vomiting that turned into dry heaving while fishing...they were very hard core

I am looking forward to eating the bounty soon!
While Daddy was away, I had the boys to myself...We had a lot of fun, but I was worn out by Sunday night! Spouses that have wifes/husbands that travel for work, kudos to you! I couldn't make it :)

If you follow me on instagram, you have seen this picture of Lane and his 16 year old outfit that James bought him. Blue linen shorts that match his...hmmm... they also were slightly long, thank goodness so there was a reason other than I don't like my baby dressing like a teenager  to return them. He did love love the fish belt, so it is a keeper. 
My favorite part was when asking James where he got it, he said he went in a store in Homewood and asked "Do ya'll have a seersucker suit for my two-year old?" I asked if she laughed out loud....

Holden is SO close to walking...he can push the little walker toy all over the house, but has only taken a couple of steps on his own...SLOW DOWN TIME!!

These two are becoming little buddies...well until Lane tries to run over him with the Gator...then not so much...