Easter Pics

Easter was wonderful,  and there is as always a lot to say, but not enough time to say it...I will let the pictures do the talking because I want to have them documented. We are in the middle of a big transition...moving. It is a little crazy, but exciting. More to come on that...In the meantime enjoy the pictures! 


Boy Mom

Last week we found out this baby nugget is a BOY! I really thought it was a girl this time (thought boy both other times), so I was really surprised....I am very excited however, as this baby's older brothers make the thought of another rascal SO exciting! James immediately took a practical approach...we have all of the stuff for boys, and he will hopefully fit right in to our "boy" appropriate activities. Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and we are praising Jesus for this gift. We had a little "reveal" dinner to celebrate and find out. I was not going find out until everyone else, but at the appointment, he had other plans. The tech was showing me a "non-revealing" shot, and he flipped to "reveal" EVERYTHING. I said, "IT'S A BOY!" She said....well...(trying to think of something to say, I'm sure) and I said, "It is fine, I KNOW what that is!!" It was a surprise to James and everyone else though.

Lane before the dinner
the tuckers strolled down
Abbie and Emi Steele 

ready to find out

Bradford and his Uncle Brett (Aunt J photo bombing)

Holds ready to know, he said "boy" the whole time

sweets to celebrate

Kate is a week behind me, and Maggie is 7 weeks ahead

telling Molly about the appointment

We played my SIL's game What's the Bump to find out...go check it out here. It is precious and such a fun way to find out.

poor Fair, she really wanted it to be a girl (for the third time now!)

The Osborns facetimed in

The Bobos were there to celebrate

Bradford and his momma