Bride to Be...

This past weekend I headed to Lake Oconee, GA to celebrate Molly's upcoming nuptials. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend (despite leaving my sick hubby at home-shingles, NOT fun). We stayed at Molly's BIL, Barry's family's lake house (follow that?). The weather was gorgeous, and the company was even better.

The Bride to Be
Relaxing dockside
Lucy, Molly's sis and her 2 week old Charlie
Precious Charlie on his first boat ride (I got to hold/change/play with him some, which was good practice and made me feel somewhat more calm about handling a newborn of my own soon, and Lucy is such a pro, she makes it look easy!)

Reynold's Plantation on the Lake (The Ritz, which if anyone is reading this ahhhmmm James, I would LOVE to visit one day)

The perfect setup

Getting ready to enjoy sunset on the dock

Betsy, Lucy, and Molly
Barry, who wins husband of the year... He came Saturday just to set up everything, take us out on the boat, cook a gourmet dinner for everyone, and then clean up everything, all while helping with Charlie...WOW
Such a great group

We even played Molly trivia, Jeopardy style, so those that know me well know I thrived on this...it also helped that I lived with Mols for 7 years....

Beautiful Lauren
Molly's mom, Mrs. Patti, not so sure about the "buzzers" we used for the trivia game

The other beautiful Lauren

Lucy and Bess, Molly's older sisters
Playing late night with the whitewater mural, Betsy's proud catch

This is when you know it is time to go to bed



Sawyer (our friend Kyle and Kristi's kiddo, seen in several previous post)
He was playing with my Skeecher shape ups...if he could talk more, I would ask if they firmed his tush like advertised. I doubt it.


Fun on the Plains

We enjoyed our trip to Auburn this past weekend. It was hot, and a very close call on the game, but all in all a great day! Michael and Betsy hosted a wonderful tailgate, and we had 50 yard line tickets, hard to beat!

Amos sporting his Auburn gear, he LOVED the tailgate! He got alot of attention, ate everyone's leftovers (and any plates that were left near the ground), and basically was spoiled rotten. 

with Betsy

Mrs Gladys and Mr. Jimmy, our seat neighbors
Jen and Andy to the other side

The Eagle flying, one of my favorite AU traditions

Thanks to Abbie and Logan for the awesome tickets! I wish ya'll could have been there with us!


War Eagle Bound

This weekend we are headed to Auburn for the AU vs Clemson game. I am very excited, as a trip back always invokes the best memories. Here are a few I could find quickly:

With Mols at the Sigma Chi house tailgating
tailgating with Ashley

Auburn/Al tigerwalk, gotta love the Bama fan in front, classy
with James shortly after we were engaged

Selma Alpha Gams at bid day (Laura, Sam, me, Abbie)
Graduation with CARM


Dove Hunt

This past weekend we headed to Seabed (family farm in Marion Jct) for the annual dove hunt. I love dove hunting, mainly for the social aspects of it. You get to eat several delicious southern meals, hang out with friends, watch football, enjoy being outside, shoot things (or in my case shoot at things), and both you and your spouse are content. My birthday usually falls around opening day every year, so the big joke is that the dove hunt is my birthday party. I am actually quite ok with that.

We surprised James with a early birthday present, a Beretta 12 gauge.
Can you say HAPPY?!

The two direction readers in the fam figuring things out
Sam riding, such a big boy
Kristi and Sawyer, hanging out
The Turners riding, Nick showing such skill

Hardy leading Penny
James and Kyle
The McCurdy men
Amos and Buddy ready for the hunt
The Osborns
Sawyer's first ride

Mom working Amos on his first hunt

Fair and Bailey joined us later for the party at the Roost

enjoying some porch swinging

This cracks me up, Sam and Sawyer were such buds

enjoying some birthday cheescake with sis

this also cracks me up bc Penny is wearing an old ADP formal shirt of Nick's and I am giving her a hard time, ADPi really? (long story short-we were both AGDs and ADPis were one of our big rivals, especially in flag football, my intramural passion, and you would think that at the age of 27 I would be over it, but you would be wrong) I might have a competitive spirit that needs some praying over!

much better!

All in all great weekend, great birthday. I am a very blessed lady! (Thanks to mom and dad that put it all together!)