MOO from the Osborns

Last night was the neighborhood trick or treat...

this little calf LOVED the chocolate

cousin pic

the cow (aka James) making  his appearance

Foster's reaction to the cow

my cows :) 

Kristen, Froggy Foster, and baby brother due in a week or so!

He starting figuring this candy thing out

riding around the neighborhood in style...at one point I heard "My Candy!" yelled from the wagon, I looked back and Lane had stolen Foster's Reese cup. I tried to make it better by taking one of Lane's Snickers and replacing it... Foster promptly threw it in the grass. Don't blame him one bit. I think Reese cups are better too Foster :)

grandaddy came down to play

Lane hugging Alice his girlfriend, precious!!


School Pictures

 How cute is this? Picture day at school in the pumpkin patch...
Notice he doesn't have shoes on...no I am not a delinquent mother, in Selma children don't have to wear shoes until Kindergarten. I think I have mentioned this before, but it is even more funny now that Lane is in school.  I actually send Lane to school most days in his shoes and the majority of the time he comes back to me with them in his backpack. 

Thanks Kristen for sending these! When I picked up Lane, his teacher said 8 of the 11 cried, but not Lane. (I think he is used to his mother taking pictures of him)
Love this age of half baby/half big boy! 


Loving right now...

So Fall is almost here (or here I guess, but weather wise, almost here in the deep South...what to wear when you are working on losing the last of the baby weight that just doesn't seem to want to go away? Side note commentary for moms:
Why is is so easy to put on yet not so much to get off?  Remember the appointments where you gained a couple of pounds since your last appointment and you think, not bad, good job only two pounds and then two pounds times a lot of weeks later it all catches up.  Oh the fun!
Enter black skinny jeans. Thank you Paige designers for making a jean that is both slimming and comfortable.

I try to spice them up with a leopard flat via Sam Edelman. (Did I just say a ballet flat was spicey? shows where I am these days!) 

Love Love Love this show. I feel like the Bravermans are my friends and laugh and cry with them weekly. James rolls his eyes, but secretly likes it too. Leighton said on her blog last week the show will make you feel. Very true! Tune in on Tuesday nights NBC at 9c. (or record it like me if you can't stay up that late)

I have been trying to eat less sugar (aka Reese cups nightly) and this bar has help satisfied my cravings. 
They come in a mini bar which is the perfect little size for a late night snack. 
These have also helped fend off the dessert cravings. A mug of this from the Keurig and I am a happy camper. 

My sister gifted me with one of these: Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle (with my name on it!)
It is awesome because now it is so easy to keep up with how much water I am drinking (has ounces marked on the side). It is kind of addicting. The top is awesome too as it stays on tight without leaking. The only problem is that Lane loves it too and now I find it in random places like in the back of his dump truck. 

Happy almost Weekend to everyone!



Have I mentioned life is crazy with these two baby boys?! Holden is really getting his own little personality and Lane is on GO as soon as his feet hit the floor. He is quite the ham. He also is a show off and loves attention (can't imagine where he gets that from)
fingers are always in his mouth and he is always talking about something
not to mention his arm rolls...at least five above the elbow!

he already blows spit bubbles and drools constantly, I don't remember Lane doing this so early so I am wondering if he will be an early bloomer to Lane's late

chunky monkey, I promise he has a neck under there somewhere
The below sequence is from dinner the other night, very typical:
this is blurry, but shows Lane's "innocent" face so well, This is usually right before he does something he knows he is not suppose to do
In this case it was get on the counter to attack  check on his brother

I love this one: Holden is like, "Really Mom are you going to let him do this?!"

scared face

he knew he was getting away with it as I was snapping away

Lane is 20 months and is learning a new word almost daily. His is obsessed with tractors and all animals.  He still has to have blan"kee" with him at all times. The other morning he got "kee" in his morning diaper, and we had to leave it at home to get washed while he was at school. Melt down city.
Finally I convinced him that he could take his "dog" stuffed animal instead. His teacher said he did ok, but insisted on taking dog with him to the playground. 

Also, I made these muffins to get in the fall spirit and they were delish and easy. I also halved the sugar and used whole wheat flour. 
The soup in the above pictures was this, James's favorite butternut squash soup. It is a lot of prep work but well worth it as it makes tons and is a great mix of savory and sweet. 


Birthday Boy

The husband turns the big 3-0 today!! After his sweet birthday post to me, I have a little catching up to do.
All I can say is God knew exactly what He was doing when he put us together. We are mostly opposite. He is neat, I am not so much. He is not a morning person, I am. He has a brilliant engineer brain and can build/fix anything he puts his mind to. I am doing well to change a light bulb without messing something up. He is critical and realistic and I tend to see everything in a positive light. He likes intellegent questions, I like intelligent answers.  He reads the directions, I throw them away. He is my complement in every way :) As different as our personalities are, we love to do the same things and love to try new things together. He is usually game for whatever I put him up to:

exhibit A, Christmas party in dental school (of course we were dating and I am sure he was trying to impress me!)

He gives me the best surprises:
In the above pic, he surprised me with not one,  but two wedding bands as I liked one with sapphires as well. 

He is the best daddy. He is Lane's favorite, and Holden is well on his way as he laughed out loud for the first time last night to his daddy...

He takes me on the best trips ever. 
Blackberry Farm 2012
next month, Costa Rica!!!
He has a heart for missions and is the best business partner I could ask for. 

So James, I know you have a lot on your plate, but I am so thankful of where we are right now. I know one day we will look back and it will seem like yesterday we were always changing poopy diapers, watching endless Mickey Mouse,  and trying to decipher toddler talk and baby coos. 
I pray that your thirties bring a new decade of an increased portion of faith,  more peace in the natural, and more love and laughter as a family. 


War Eagle Anyway

This past weekend we headed to Auburn to celebrate a friend's baby and cheer on the Tigers. 

Emily is due with Tyler in beginning of December. She is such a cute preggo, it is hard to tell which one she is huh?!

Saturday of us squirrels (AGDs) shared a tailgate, one of those tailgate guys set ups....let me say, they are awesome. They make it easy. Everything is set up for you...tent, ice, tables, etc. and you just pull up they unload the rest of your stuff and voila, let the party begin. 

Pal brought Lane over for his first Auburn game, which now as I type is very ironic. (Pal is a big bammer) Lane loved it, or more like his momma loved the tailgate aspect: food, friends, fun!! 

It is like a baby explosion with our group, these three were born this summer (plus Holden, but his momma left him with Pie!) from left to right: Rayne with mom Molly, Will with mom Alyse, and Mollie with mom Lesli

grandmomma and granddaddy stopped by

Molly might kill me for this but I had to show all of the fun at our tailgate. Hooter Hiders at their best :)
I was pumping under a blanket at one point and a lady walked by and said, "bless your heart, you spend the night here?" I explained oh no, I was just hiding the ole' medela. What momma's do for their babies!

Emily, Abs, and Les

Davis, Greg, Logan, and Rich

Brooke, Jill, and Blair and precious Maggie

2001 pledge class friends
Rebecca, Blair, Jill, Alyse, Lesli, Emily, Molly, Brooke, Rayne, Abbie
crazy how time flies, seems like yesterday we were hanging out on bid night trying to figure each other out...I am glad I didn't scare you too bad Les!!

somebody got a haircut! Lane did great at the game, he started fidgeting at the end of the first quarter but until then he loved sitting with his daddy and watching "ball"!

had to get a shot with Bo

I love this pic bc Leighton Grace Bennett is tooo cute and smiling and Lane is chomping on a pretzel... and one day I am sure he is going to want a date with her and not be as interested in the pretzels :)


Moulton Weekend and the Fair

We had a wonderful weekend in North Alabama last weekend. We celebrated James's 30th bday early (it is next week), and Holden met his great-grandparents. 
nothing like Ashley Mac's Strawberry cake, Lane was pumped too

Holden getting his bottle from Uncle Michael

Holden loved Mamaw

Lane loved the vintage rocking horse

 We played with bubbles in the early am:

 he tried to eat them
sweet bed head (he might get this from me)

This week is fair week in Selma, which is a big deal for a small town. I was a little nervous that Lane was a little too young, and the carnies would scare him. I was very wrong. He LOVED it!

 riding with Fair and Jane

with his future girlfriends, Maggie and Milly

at our booth

At last but not least we have a baby that SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

The key: double swaddle
He has been breaking out of the miracle blanket (which I have loved) and waking up. Once he is up, I have not been able to get him back to sleep without feeding. Remembering my SIL Lacey's double swaddle technique,  we (mom my assistant problem solver) tried it....he has been going down now at 6:30 with a dream feed at 10:00ish and sleeping until 6-6:30, swaddled tight.