Huntsville Trip

Only a week late!! Last weekend we had a girls trip to visit my friend Caroline (aka Liney Bumpkins from recent post). We had a wonderful time... just relaxing, eating alot, and sightseeing around Huntsville.
Friday night was spent relaxing at the Bobo casa eating delicious lasagna.

"Friends" wine from CA

Ranger's skills

Our Hosts

Saturday we woke up, ate a delicous breakfast made by Steven, and went shopping around and seeing the sights.

Feeding the fish

The Ledges overlook

Amos and his pal Ranger

It was a great weekend! Thanks for having us Bobos. This weekend James and I stayed in Birmingham and enjoyed the dinner with family on Friday night, hiking at Oak Mt. Saturday followed by dinner at Daniel George, and Sunday church followed by brunch at Chez Lulu. In case you are wondering, no we are not able to eat out like that normally, but thanks to James's parentals we have lots of great certificate's from Birmingham Menus
You can get great deals on really good restaurants around Birmingham. It saves you around 40% a meal. The next sale is in March so check it out.
We also got a great deal on books from the Mountain Brook Library book sale... all the books you can fit in a brown paper bag for ten dollars...Thanks to my engineer minded husband we got 61 books in TWO brown bags. OH YEA, 61 books for 20 dollars...such a deal! Even James enjoyed it, as he got 14 money/financial books. I noticed a few said Women and Money, and A Women's Guide to Investing. I wonder who those are for?

Hope everyone had a great weekend...This week we head to Lake Tahoe with my parents to visit my California cousins and ski...YEA!


I'm ready...

for the weather to be permitting to enjoy an outside space like this.
via house beautiful

**Pictures from this past weekend's girls trip are on the way!



Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? James and I have been enjoying it. Last night was particularly exciting. My personal favorite victory was Lindsey Vonn, who one a gold medal last night in Alpine Skiing. She is awesome! She overcame several injuries to win yesterday. The alpine skiing itself was intense as several women crashed and tumbled down the steep snowy course. But Lindsey pulled through! (yes we are on a first named basis, bc I know if she knew me we would be great friends)

Then on to James's favorite, the half-pipe. I was like, "No thanks, you watch I am just going to read for awhile". After a few minutes, I but the book down and was enthralled. I have never watched it, and it was amazing! James started throwing words out like, "dude", "totally killer", and "got air". Apparently my husband has some snowboarder in him...Shaun White, American athlete stole the show. He even threw out a new move that he had been working on for a year that no one had ever seen. I know very little about this sport, but even I was impressed.

So tune in, GO USA!
(pictures courtesy of LA Times)


Liney Bumpkins

Celebrated her birthday today (don't worry Caroline, I won't reveal how old, though when we look back I have a feeling we will have loved being this young)...
Caroline has been my friend since we were five. We met at church, which I think is appropriate because she is a friend of spiritual depth beyond measure. She has such a heart for the Lord that radiates to all who meet her. Her love and enthusiasim for people is infectious. I could go on and on, but I will finish with a few pictures from this past weekend and random Caroline facts. We were in Selma celebrating a hometown friend's engagement party (Kalee and Dillon) and hiking around the roost.
(yes Amos is biting my hand)

Random fun facts about Caroline...
She used to NOT like getting dirty and playing in the mud when we were kids, now she likes it more than I do.
She leaves long phone messages that always make me laugh.
She is a prayer warrior.
She doesnt mind conversations about pooting. (she will either think this is funny, or make me take it off)
She used to have a big crush on Robert Redford.
She is a faithful friend.
She once went without showering for a week.
Her favorite phrase in high school college was "Why didnt you TELL me..."

Anyway, Happy Birthday CKB! Love you!



This past weekend we celebrated my nephew's fourth birthday with a Fire themed party.
It was precious, my sister did a great job! The big surprise was two fire trucks and firemen that came. Here are some highlights...

with the birthday boy

every good party has balloons, right?!

yummy cake

redneck pinata

apparently James missed the funny face memo

so many cute kiddos

I think Fair liked the fire truck better than anyone!

You are Loved...

This week at work, we are giving out these cute little primroses. They are donated by Leaf'N Petal a local gardening shop. The owners donated them because they felt God leading them to do something special for the women who come to Christ Health Center the week of Valentine's. They want them to know they are loved first of all by God, and secondly by all of us. We started giving them out yesterday, and WOW, such a small gesture goes such a long way. It is such a blessing to work in a place that emphasizes God's love first. So know you are LOVED today, and show love to someone else today in an unexpected way. I know you will be blessed by it!

Ephesians 4:1-2
1Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children 2and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
1 Timothy 1:5
5The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.


This week...

This little guy is on VACATION with his grandparents at the Roost. I miss him greatly, but the tradeoff is a little more sleep and a clean house. All reports say that Amos is doing well, playing with his Uncle Buddy and behaving (well besides trying to chew up Uncle Buddy's dog bed).

We will pick him up this weekend when we are there to celebrate my nephew Sam's fourth birthday!!