My favorite buddy Lane turned three last week.
He was so proud that he understood he was "THWEE"

I hate that this is so blurry, but Holden wanted to give him the biggest birthday hug (moments that are rare, but cherished)

choc choc donut breakfast

such a big boy

He got so embarassed by all of the attention when we sang to him
so he had to pause to hug his daddy :)

We got to celebrate with the Osborn fam on Thursday at Chuck E. Cheese in Decatur...I was not sure about how the boys would like Chuck E Cheese, but the LOVED it (well except for the mouse)!

Uncle Michael helped with all of the games

Lane adores Dee, and they has so much fun playing

too bad this is blurry, because you can't really appreciate the hysterics

And finally, the last THREE announcement


We are so excited Baby O #3 will arrive the first of September.
I am eleven weeks and feeling great!