Birthday Painting Party

My sweet friend, Angie, had her birthday last week. We celebrated with her last night with a painting party at our friend Beth's house. I am not very artistic, but it was still a lot of fun. Kind of like Sip n' Strokes, but a more intimate setting and a picture that I really like!
with the Birthday girl

Amanda Roberson's creation that we were trying to replicate or in my case, sort of mimic...

My "Art"

Hostess Beth in deep concentration

Amanda giving Kea and Jana tips

Kristen perfecting something, her's turned out really good...Also go check out her blog a few different pictures of the evening and why she is sporting the awesome green T.

Beautiful ladies and their paintings

Happy Birthday Angie, I loved celebrating with you!! 


It's A...

Lane will have a little brother in July. We are so excited! Everything looked great...weighing in around 9 ounces, this sweet boy looks happy and healthy.
I think it will be so much fun for Lane and Baby Brother to be so close in age! As James put it, "this is perfect, now when we go outside to play, we can all play baseball!" My first thoughts too (hint of sarcasm). 
The only disappointed member of my family was Fair, who when I told her the news sobbed and sobbed... as the only girl grandchild, she is getting very outnumbered.  Poor Fair! 


Summer Pretties and Pregnancy Update

 I am 18 weeks along and feeling great! This baby has been very sweet to me and my body so far. I have good energy consistently, what a blessing! The belly is starting to pop, but I am not sure if it is all baby or baby/chocolate covered strawberries mix. Lane was born in February, so all of my maternity clothes are winter oriented. With this baby due late July, I am looking for some good pieces for spring and summer. I plan to mainly be in big comfy tunic/cover ups and flip flops. I think I will like it better, besides obviously the ferocious Alabama heat around July.

I just ordered these from the Gap for a Spring pant. LOVE the color, we will see if they are comfy when they come in. (because let's face it, if it is not comfortable, it does NOT make the cut)

Love the idea of this Tunic by Ella Moss, flowy with lots of room!

also saw these on Pintrest, always fun to accessorize when preggo bc at least size does not matter in your ears

Any recommendations of things that work well in the summer from you mommas that have summer/early fall babies?

We find out if Baby Deuce is a boy or girl on Friday!! I am so excited, I think it is a boy, but everyone else is thinking girl...obviously whatever the Lord has planned is best! My friend Molly is due 3 weeks before me and is not finding out, so exciting! I wish I could do that, but not so much. We aren't going to tell/his her name...we did that with Lane, not planned we just couldn't decide, but it was fun....



This one year old is definitely figuring things out...
He loves remotes and changes the channels constantly. 

Half the time he can't quite get it where he wants it

He is also walking when he feels like it. He takes about five steps and then sits and crawls. I do believe  walking will be his primary mode of transportation in a week or so. 

He has figured out how to turn off the oven.  

See above

This makes for fun times when I am trying to get dinner ready, or honestly when I am baking because that is pretty much the extent of my cooking these days.

He gets so proud of himself. At least he doesn't know how to turn it on yet....

He also loves to sit on the top of the dishwasher. 

Such a helper, HA! 


Paul's Bday and LOVE Celebration

Saturday we got together to celebrate Paul's birthday and Valentine's day as a fam. My sister Jana, documented her inspiration for our time together here. It was a neat time, to "love on" each other in Christ.

Love these cool daddy rockers

beautiful table with nods to Birthday and Valentine's

Jana's delicious fried chicken fingers, Lane downed two by himself. They were that good.

She also made these special for me, chocolate covered strawberries are one of my all-time favorites. I might have eaten about half a dozen yesterday.  The baby made me do it. 

Pie is well and we are very thankful!!

Dr. Princess in her new Vday scrubs

Dr. Cowboy and Pal

Lane received a 16 piece band set from the Garners, thanks guys, just what we need.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles in the delicious strawberry pie. 

Think Fair and I enjoyed our strawberries?!

Thanks Jana for the fabulous partay!!


Little Lamb Vday

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I am pro-Vday all the way, not so much the cheesy stuff, but why would you not like a day to make the people you love feel extra special?? I made breakfast for Lane and James--this recipe off of Pintrest. It was pretty tasty.

 Well James and I thought so, Lane threw his on the floor :(
After work, I wanted to take Lane, Sam, and Fair on a special Vday excursion to see the lambs at our cousins farm. I (and really the credit goes to Pie as it was her idea) thought Lane would LOVE it as animals (well dogs and horses) are some of his favorite things. 

Exhibit A: not so happy about the furry creature

Sam and Fair (who had come straight from dance hence the leotard) were a little timid at first too

once they starting petting him they were a-ok

The truth is I think I loved it the most! 

This little guy was only 3 days old
Thanks to George for showing us the sweet little lambs or as Fair says "Look at all of the BABY SHWEEP!



This past weekend we headed to New Orleans for an American Academy of Pediatric Dental Conference. I was looking forward to getting my CE hours of course, but most importantly eating some delicious food and maybe squeezing in some shopping. 
The first night we headed to my parentals favorite restaurant, Galatoire's. It is definitely a New Orleans eating tradition.
happy parents

James enjoying himself despite being under the weather

My Godchaux salad, crabmeat and shrimp in a mustard dressing...it was wonderful!
The next day mom and I hit Magazine street (thanks to Shannon and Mary Russell for the tips!), but unfortunately it starting pouring, so we had to cut it short. I did buy Lane a couple of really cute things at Pippen Lane and had a slice of King Cake heaven at Sucre. We ate lunch at Luke, one of John Besh's restaurants...I don't have any pictures because I was too busy inhaling my Croque Madame. It was AMAZING. 
The next day after our morning meetings we went to St. James Cheese company, another Miller fam recommendation. It too was delish.

dad and I sooo enthused about the cheese

this picture does not do it justice, but the Gruyere and Caramelized onion sandwich was perfection. like a warm bowl of French Onion soup, sandwich style
On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Tara Shaw Antiques to browse. It definitely could only be considered browsing as there were several pieces that were the same price as a brand new car. But, oh how beautiful they were!! Here are some of my favorites:

beautiful chest

neat stairwell piece

I'll take all of the above thanks!

I have been on the hunt for a buffet for our dining room, too bad this one cost more than our kitchen cabinets

Dad being a good sport and looking for a deal!! This chair had his name all over it! note:sarcasm

We had a good trip, although James and mom were both sick during parts of it. I was ready to get home to see Lane boy though (thanks Osborns for babysitting!).


Lane's Birthday Celebration

We started the day with a quail hunt, thankfully the weather cooperated, just barely. 

holding the quail (after James killed it). Think he is a hunter in training?

with Pal
This precious little guy and his momma joined us, and oh my goodness he is sooo sweet!!

with Aunt Lacey

sweet cousins
The hunt was followed by a quail supper at our house.

Lane's smash cake, which you will see in subsequent pictures HE LOVED IT.

We also celebrated his big cousin Sam's 6th birthday
The cake was from Olexa's in Mountain Brook, and it was delicious. Yellow cake with berry filling, yummmm

He loved all of the balloons (which funny side story: I was a little upset when James went to pick them up earlier that day because they were not floating...I said James, "What happened to the balloons?" He said "what, I thought maybe you wanted them like that?". UMMM NO, I wanted balloons that float in the air. I insisted we load them back up and take them to the place where they "blew" them up and see what went wrong....long story short, they had not put enough helium in the because they were scared they would pop. AWESOME. We did manage to cut and re-fill a few to have floating balloons. But I must apologize to my husband and the lady that I might have given a dirty look to, because of course Lane's favorite balloons were they ones on the ground. Lesson learned-sometimes things that you think  you are doing for your child, you might really being doing for yourself

attempt at a family shot, but by now he had figured out he didn't like the hat

kiddo chalk table

excuse the glare, but I made this collage with all of his monthly pictures....I printed 8x10's for everybody to take home (good thing it was just family or it could be a bit overkill)

attempt at a cousin shot

Lane and Ford with the wheelbarrow the Garners gave him for his birthday


wheelbarrow was definitely a hit

shot with the birthday boy

cake time!!

He got it


I think he takes after me on this

He also got to have his first bite of Ice cream from Pal. (Pal has been waiting a long time for this, 365 days to be exact) It was also a hit.

Finger licking good

We love you Lane boy and can't wait for many many more!!