6 months(ish)

Since he is 7 months tomorrow, I thought I better catch up....

Really it is hard for me to differentiate changes as these past few weeks have been jammed packed with a lot of "firsts".  He went from sitting up well at the first of the month to crawling this week. Now, when I say crawling he really only makes forward progress a few at a time. But, instead of dragging himself to where he wants ago, he slowly crawls. 

He also has gotten TWO teeth in these past few weeks. Lane didn't get his first tooth until 9 months, so this is exciting to a parental dentist. He is still a big eater, eating 3-4 foods a day plus 5 bottles. He loves puffs and the independence of feeding himself. 

He is such a cuddle bug, he loves kisses!! He loves to grab my face, hair, etc and drool and "talk" to me. AHHH it is the BEST He is so ticklish everywhere and after bath time when I put on his lotion, he giggles the whole time. 

He is in awe of his big brother. Their new game is bumper cars with him being in the walker and Lane being in his plama car. They run into each other and both burst out laughing...so fun to see them playing already. 

He really is laid back and just enjoys being with you. I can take him outside and he is content for hours, or we can play inside and he is also happy. He is also becoming a good napper and starting to really have a nice morning nap of about 1.5 hours and then another in the afternoon for 2 hours. It is nice to have a more predictable schedule. 

My love bug!!! Happy half birthday buddy!


Birmingham Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Birmingham for our continuing education dental meetings.  It was held at Ross Bridge, so a fun little mini vaca weekend. The two rascals headed to Moulton with Grandmomma and Grandaddy. (THANKS!) Thursday night we ate a delicious dinner at Hot and Hot Fish Club. 

the parentals (don't they look great?! they are also cross fitting!)

my hot dates

this beet and tuna was as delicious as it was pretty

mom had fresh sardines, I did not partake, but she said they were excellent

Friday night we ate with some fellow dentites at Highlands...no pictures as I was busy eating my beef short ribs, yummmmmm....

Saturday night was a SUPRISE party at Rojo for Caroline. Steven her husband did a great job of planning, and I think she genuinely was surprised. 

Looking good Liney!

The Rossells were there to celebrate
and to top it off, the husband not only took me to get a pedicure, but he did it with me...I would say he liked it except the lady picked at his previous ingrown hair and it oozed the rest of the day. I don't think he understood why he payed someone for that procedure :)


Holden's Christening

playing catch up from a few weekends ago...
The Rossells came down to hunt on Saturday...the mommas and the babies watched via truck

We then had supper at the Roost...
Fair is such a big helper!

Holden thought so too
The birthday boys all received guns appropriate to their ages (according to Pie and Pal)
Sam turned 7 and received a genuine civil war rifle

Lane received a genuine plastic double barrel shot gun :)

Dessert was "Aunt Ra Ra's world famous triffle" according to Sam :)

these two loved it!
Sunday morning was the big day...

both boys did great! Holden was in my arms sleeping right before this and then just woke up and started smiling

Lane smiled and waved at everyone, then jumped down to go sit with granddaddy 

We claimed Holden Russell Osborn as Jesus Christ's own and to raise him in a Christian church and home. 
After we headed to our house to have a celebration lunch (and Lane boy's birthday!)
The ginormous Mickey balloons were a hit, and we were so glad to have cousin Ford there!

Logan practicing for his role as father of two in a few months :)

Foster brought Lane a guitar and showed him how to jam!

yummy lunch

sweet friends

Thank you to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate with us, so special!

A special thanks to Uncle Michael who came down and brought Lane an awesome birthday present:
He was in finger painting heaven! and yes it was washable :)



This was taken last week...After bath time, we usually pile in the "big bed" for play time, reading, and Mickey before bed. Lane is definitely in the phase of wanting to wrestle and tussle. We are trying to discourage too much roughness, but Holden loves it! 
I'm scared to think what are they going to be like in a few years??!!! 


My TWO year old

Happy Birthday Lane Boy! When I think of you, the first word that comes to mind is JOY. You are full of JOY, a supernatural JOY that comes from the Lord. Seeing the world through your eyes is a JOY for me.  
You are spunky and independent. Sometimes I wish you were a little more cautious, but all in all I know you are growing to be a brave and courageous one.  I see glimpses of what must be the "terrible two's"...pushing the limits (example climbing on everything-cribs, coffee tables, countertops), running the opposite direction when you know we are calling you, and throwing down occasionally to show your intense displeasure. But overall, you respond well to discipline, especially from your daddy. He is your favorite, and you hate to disappoint him. You think like him, very deliberant and orderly. You do have my enthusiasm about things.  See below :)

You are talking more and more each day. I still don't understand half of it, but you get your point across. Some of your favorite words: "Mobe!" (move, when you are trying to show me what you want), "Cookie" (of course one word you have perfected), "Swide" (every morning you point this out on your way to school referring to the play ground that you go to with Mary to meet friends). When I ask how old you are you say "Two!" but still hold up one finger...oh well we are working on it. Your favorite color is still blue, but green is coming in a close second. 

Oh, that grin...it gets me. You still have two dimples that are precious. You can give the best kisses "on the lips" and fierce hugs. You still have to have your blue "key" (blanket) near by and suck your two fingers for comfort. 

Mickey Mouse is still your favorite, but we are finally branching out to Barney and Curious George. You love to watch Mickey in the morning with your brother ("De"). If you wake up first you want him to get up asap to come lay next to you. You love him and are becoming more and more aware that he will be your buddy.  

Foster is your favorite friend, and you love Mondays at school because he is there. You are showing interest in potty training and are so proud when you "tee" on the potty. You love shoes, especially boots and request to wear them everyday. 

I am so so so so thankful that you are ours. I love you more each day. How is that possible? We pray so much that you will know how much Jesus loves you and how good He is. 
Happy Second Birthday James Lane Osborn Jr.! 
3 months

3 months

one year

We had a joint celebration yesterday with Holden's baptism...more to come!