Christmas Pictures in Moulton

giving Amos his presents

biggest bone ever, sadly it only lasted a few days

Shelia's beautiful tree (notice all the white outside!)

so happy!

Michael opening his presents

Betsy's turn

Jim excited about his presents

enjoying the beautiful photobook Betsy made

YEA! A new lens for my camera (50mm 1.4 for those interested, any tips appreciated!)
trying to figure out the new lens
Surprise! Tickets the the National Championship Game...all the Osborns minus myself and Baby O are attending
Michael and Betsy
precious Annie and talking Mickey
so cute!
James and MaMaw
My boys playing in the snow

We really had a wonderful relaxing Christmas! Thank you Jim and Shelia for spoiling us rotten as always!


White Chistmas

This is what we just woke up to! Happy Birthday Jesus!


Merry Christmas!

With Love Rayne, James, Baby O, and Amos

artist: James Osborn

No, I am not big on belly shots, but I couldn't resist using a little holiday cheer at 35 weeks...


Russell Christmas Pics and the Broomspear

Ann Marie, Jana, Fair, Preggo, Shannon, and Mary Russell

with the birthday girl, notice the nice finger!

fair singing and blowing kisses (she definitely has a flair for the performing arts)

Shannon and Sam

siblings with their mom

traditional singing of "Someone Like You"

 In other random news, the Osborn house has racoon living in the attic. I have not seen it, but have heard it on several occasions. James saw it last night, and apparently it is large and gets stuck in the vent above the back door. I thought he should just get his shotgun and shoot it, but he said that is not legal in the city limits?? really? I must be a redneck, bc that does not make sense to me. Instead he came up with the broomspear.

Glad he is putting that Auburn engineering degree to good use, huh. Don't worry, no blood was shed.(because the coon critter disappeared) I will keep ya'll updated on the racoon's fate and if the spear actually works. (maybe a call to the pest control is a better idea?!)




= trip to ER

Not the smartest thing I have done lately, but all in all it could have been worse. Saturday I was making a sweet potato casserole at the Roost, while the rest of the fam was out hunting.  I was cleaning out the immersion blender,  and I accidentally hit the on button. NOT good when your pointer finger is still inside the blade attachment. I called mom, calmly asked her to tell James I needed him immediately to take a look at my finger. I couldn't really tell how bad it was, and the more I tried the more light-headed I became. My sweet husband ran off the quail hunt (which I heard was a big sacrifice bc the birds were flying great), and took me into Selma to the ER. Several sutures and a fractured finger later, I am ok. I didn't nick the tendon and it is my left hand, so could have been worse. Another positive is that my husband is being a wonderful nurse. So prayers for a speedy healing and no infection are welcome! A more fun post on the Russell fam Christmas to follow....


Happy 87th Birthday Gigi!

My grandmother turns 87 tomorrow!  She is an amazing woman, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. We both are bookworms, love tennis and jeopardy, and we always have a lot of fun together. One of my favorite memories is when she took me to New York to the US Open. I was 16, and an obsessive Pete Sampras fan. We had the best time, and it is something I will always cherish. I also got to live with Maw Maw (as she was known to me before she became a great grandmother), at the beach the summer between my freshman and sophmore years of college. She put up with my crazy work hours (I was a server at a local at Calypso's in OB), friends coming to stay on the weekends, and boy drama (I was in between boyfriends at the time).  So Happy Birthday Gigi! I love you!

Jacqueline Fairchild Brown, age 5
(her namesake Fair Garner definitely bears a resemblance)


More Wedding Pics

I wanted to share some more pictures from Molly and Rich's wedding. I did an ok job of taking pictures, because I was having so much fun I would forget. But here are some highlights:

Let me start by saying the Bridesmaid's luncheon was gorgeous, the details were incredible. Mrs Sissy (Molly and Patti's good friend from Tuscaloosa) headed it up. She is an amazing party planner. Above is the charm cake that was not only beautiful, but delicious!
White themed flowers
with the bride
again, gorgeous flowers
perfect details, loved the cake cookie place cards
at the Rehearsal Dinner
The Tuckers
The Murfees,
this is where I was lacking in the pic department because Molly and Rich played a special video, please check out the link on Adrienne's blog here. So then I was too busy being emotional...
The beautiful bride that morning

makeup touchups by Lauren

sisters putting on the veil

seeing Rich for the first time (we got to watch behind the glasss doors, and it was SO sweet!)

Lauren times 2 on the party bus

toasting the couple

The reception that followed was wonderful--such a fun band the Tyn Tymes, delicious food including a chocolate table, a photo booth that was hysterical (my dad put on a boa/crown for the pic), and lot of family and friends celebrating.
There was one casulty from the day:
The sausage leg was in full force!