Just One

I am enjoying some time off this week, so the blog is going to be put on the back burner...just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures from Christmas. I'll be back in 2012 with a full recap. (I know sooo suspenseful!)
Sneaking one of Santa's cookies

Happy New Years! Many Blessings to you and your families!



Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
Merry Christmas from the Osborns


Welcome to the World!

Baby Lewis is here, and he has a name... Bradford Wood Lewis, 7.7lbs, 20.5 inches born this morning to proud parents Maggie and Mitchell. Of course my phone was not on to hear the texts that she was in labor in the middle of the night last night, but Kalee got through to James's phone at 6:15 am. I hopped in the car and was on my way! I made it just in time, he was born right after 8:00 am. Here is the proud daddy coming in to tell everyone....
love his expression!

This is so Maggie-making funny faces right after having a baby. She did awesome. She pushed for less than an hour and he was here!! 

 So beautiful!!

yes, she did just have a child.

fam shot

proud Aunties

the Grandaddys checking him out

sweet tooties

I couldn't wait to get my hands on him!

Welcome Bradford Wood Lewis! I know a little boy that can't wait to be your BFF! 


Sick Baby

Lane has had bronchitis for the past week, boooo.  It started as a little cold, and then really took hold until he couldn't breathe. He has been on medicine for several days, and is feeling much better. He has been home bound for awhile to help him recover, and he went a little stir crazy. See pictures below:
this is the face he makes before he opens the drawers right behind him and pulls out the tubber ware. 

pulling of Christmas balls and throwing them

yep, he knows he did wrong!

working on opening the trash lid

pulling on Amos

We decided to go ahead and give him his Christmas present from us so he would have a new activity around the house. An eyesore  ball pit. 

getting there as fast as he can go

"For me?!"

"This is so cool!"

I think he likes it. 

Once he started feeling better, he made a few appearances at the Russell Christmas on Saturday and Crawford Christmas on Sunday. More to come on those soon...


Homemade Ornaments

This past weekend, my friend Angie, had us over to make salt dough ornaments. We saw the recipe on pintrest and decided we needed to give it a try with our little ones. 

sweet baby hand print

 I think Lane liked playing with Wiley, Alice, and Foster best.

Foster sharing, so sweet

Alice's turn

big girl Alice

Foster checking it out, he and his momma's curls look so pretty here


Alice and Foster playing

I will let you know how the finished product turns out, we are going to paint them this week for a final touch!

I also made Christmas cookies with Sam and Fair this past weekend. I enjoyed getting to spend time with these kiddos, as they are constant entertainment. Sam loves all things cowboy and Fair loves all things princess. (which means they will love their Christmas presents from Aunt RaRa)

Hope your holiday is filled with fun activities too!


10 months

This sweet boy is over 10 months old, hard to believe he is almost one!
 I am amazed at how quickly he picks up on new things: opening and flipping book pages, pulling up on everything, and recognizing names (especially Amos) who is now "Ah". (don't you love when they try to say the dog's name and not Mama?!).
 He is still sleeping great at night from about 6:30 pm to 6:30ish am. Last week he did wake up for a few nights in a row to "test" us. The first night, I grabbed him, put him in bed with us, and gave him a bottle in which he didn't really eat. Rookie mistake. The next night sure enough, the crying begun, and we let him "cry it out", which really was only about 5 minutes of whining. The following night, same scenerio  with about 1 minute of crying. Since then PEACE!
He has 2 teeth on bottom and no more in view. Of course, I look constantly. He is learning to eat on his own, but sometimes it is just so messy. He loves a Ritz cracker. If I get one out, he immediately starts clapping and says OHHH! He also loves oatmeal. He really doesn't turn away anything unless it is "too chunky"aka I have not mashed it up enough. He is still weird about textures. 

He is a very happy content baby. He is also getting better with meeting new people. He might duck his head and check you out shyly, but a big improvement over the screaming and crying. He is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, the blender, and the shower. If I am in the shower and I lock him in the bathroom with me with toys, he just cries at the shower until I get out.  

He got his first pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. (even though in Selma, you really don't have to wear shoes until Kindergarten, and I am not kidding) We measured his foot on James's hand, and when we were passing through Birmingham stopped in to buy a pair. The lady was adamant that we had to have him there. We explained that his foot was the length of James's palm. (makes sense right?) This was not good enough for her, but when James let her know we were purchasing some shoes that day, she relented. He has a pair of dressy white shoes and grey keds. 

after church and lunch yesterday. (this was my grandmother Gigi's fur coat!) 

The holiday season is even more fun with a child. We made ornaments with some friends this past weekend, pictures coming soon!


Happy Friday!

Fridays are the best! I don't work on Fridays, so it is my day to run errands, catch up on blogging/email, spend time with Lane boy, eat lunch with my husband...you get the idea.
I wanted to share some pictures of Lane and Amos. Amos got a new dog bed (early Christmas present) as he was trying to sleep on our sofa. He loves it, and so does Lane.
 poor Amos, he is kind of Lane's jungle gym
(phone pic, pardon Amos's glow eyes)

More jungle gym pics:

so fun! Hopefully one day Amos will think he is just as fun back.

Happy Weekend Friends!


Gingerbread Wonderland

Yesterday we attended the Gingerbread Wonderland event hosted by the Selma Charity League. My sister, Jana, was one of the chairmen of the event and did a fabulous job! I have never seen so many kids, parents with cameras, and candy in one place in my life. Lane was a little overwhelmed, but once he saw familar faces, he loved it! 

 Cousin Sam always gets a big smile.
 especially when he shares his Holiday punch.
 I think he liked it.
 decorating the house (aka I decorated while trying to keep him from eating all of the candy)
Our friends Foster and Kristen were there (Lane is transfixed on the balloons).
Thanks Angie for taking all of these pictures for me! 

 I tried my hardest to get a good cousin picture, but this was as close as it got. Sam was peeking over Lane's head while Lane watched Fair do a cheer. Oh well, they are precious anyway!

Leighton Grace (my friend Blair's little girl) meeting Lane 

And then Santa came...I tried to talk him up to Lane. He made his typical UHH noise, so I thought it was a good sign he was ready.

and Done!

I heard him ask for tubber ware, boxes, and doors to open and close (as these are his favorite things). Santa won't be spending a lot on toys this year!