Peek a Boo

Lane loves to play in the mirror after his bath...
He thinks he is pretty cute, as do I!

He loves to play peek a boo with himself. He puts his little fingers in front of his face and then pulls them off in a exaggerated fashion. cracks me up.

Here he is telling himself to Go, Go!

This is him cheating. He is "covering his face" but spreads his fingers so he can see. makes sense to me!

another cheater picture

Sweet boy!!

I am 27 weeks and this pregnancy is rolling along...I passed my glucose test last week, praise the Lord! (I didn't with Lane and had to do the 3 hour=no fun)
I am craving CARBS...pasta salad, cheese toast, muffins, Life cereal...
I have a lot more energy, I think due to continued bootcamp and chasing Lane around.  The best thing is that the sausage leg has NOT appeared, wahoo! 
I have become allergic to eye makeup. Seriously, every time I wear eye makeup and don't take it off after a couple of hours of wear, I get red welps on my eyelids and under my eyes. Awesome. 
Another highlight of being pregnant this summer was finding a bathing suit...James and I went a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I made him go as I knew he would be honest. Brutally so, yes, but I would rather that than not...I tried on about 5 before, He said, "That one is really not that bad". I knew we had a winner. 


Auburn A-day

 We headed East to Auburn this past weekend to watch the Auburn A-day game and then attend a luncheon for Dr. Wit, the associate dean for the COSAM. Dr. Wit is a wonderful teacher and mentor to many, many Auburn students, and is retiring this year. I was a COSAM leader at Auburn and got to work with him and learn first hand of his impact of young people. He will be greatly missed!
Dr Wit and me, Senior year

We enjoyed survived the game. Lane had definitely entered the toddler phase of not wanting to sit still and be independent. He did like all of the clapping and the band, but after that he was ready to explore. We made it through half time. 
cheering with the crowd

 Cam was there! He was dressed to a T.

After we headed to Toomer's for Lane's first lemonade. He loved and kept saying...ahhhh

Sunday before the luncheon we headed to take pictures on Samford lawn. 

see the tiny toddler run...he was not cooperating, but oh well. He loved the soft grass!
 We also got to see Uncle Michael...

He is so much fun to play with!

To keep thing real, here are some pictures after last night's dinner. These are the norm around here, not the pretty dressed in smocked bubbles pictures:

He had just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt. I had just worked out and made brownies, hence the chocolate smudges on my shirt. 
This is typical. 

Lane's new favorite snack are these:

They are on sale at Target right now. Anything that is hands free for me and not to messy for Lane is a good buy!


Outdoor Fun

Since Lane's favorite thing is anything outdoors, I have been looking for some fun activities that are one-year old friendly. I picked up this balloon sprinker at Walmart this week, and we had fun in the yard in this beautiful weather.

He then figured out it was more fun to turn the water on and off. 

I have been reading a little more lately, and I am so excited to get this book today.

I love all of his books and hope this meets expectations...I will let you know!

Other great news, James joined the USTA today (aka I signed him up) so we can play mixed doubles together. We have been playing more and more, and I think I am close to getting him hooked. We have our first tournament this fall so should have plenty of time to practice in between having Baby #2 in July. If he keeps practicing he might beat me soon! (that was total smack talk for him as he reads the blog occasionally) I really like having a sport that we can participate in together...

That's all the randomness I got today folks


Easter Weekend

First off, The Masters was awesome (no pictures though because cameras are not allowed), even for a semi-fan such as myself. We had a wonderful trip! It is something I will never forget, and I am glad I got to make such a neat memory with my father. The grounds are as beautiful as they say. We saw everyone...Tiger, Phil, Rory, Bubba, etc. (we are now on first name basis of course)....I was so glad Bubba Watson won! A good ole Southern boy that wore white all week to raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer, and just adopted a little boy. How could you not pull for him?! The other highlight of the trip was our stay at the St. Regis in Atlanta. I had gotten a great online deal, and so on our way back through we splurged... UMMM...fabulous as my sister would say. If you ever have the chance, Go! The rooms are pure serenity and the pool area is amazing. 
pulled from the hotel website

Before we left, dad killed a big boy gobbler....He brought it to the office for show and tell. 

Saturday upon our return, we attempted to dye Easter eggs...I don't know that I thought this through. Lane just wanted to stick his hand in all the cups and then dump them over and say his emphatic, "UH OH!!"

Needless to say, we quit before we really ever started. 

Saturday evening we went to see Maggie and fam

Kate and Brett practicing, haha!! Bradford and Lane checking each other out

Easter day:
before Blue Jean church, love that sweet grin!

Thank you Jim and Shelia for keeping him while we were away...

sweet cousins

After church and naps, we headed to the country to eat lunch and hunt eggs...

Again, I misjudged Lane's enthusiasm to hunt eggs. This is him running toward the mule and horses. He really didn't even give the eggs a glance. He did stop long enough to pick up a rock. Great. 

The true egg hunters...Elon and Fairchild

fam shot minus a few
sisterly fun

This is the only time he was interested in the eggs, watching Hardy count his

and then getting his Hardy's basket and "sharing" his candy

Thank you Jesus for your death and resurrection! I pray that many came to know YOU personally this Easter weekend...Let us Rejoice and Be Ready for His return!!!


Baby Buns and Turkey Slayer

Did I mention this boy loves dirt?!

nothing like a redneck swimming pool for your one year old

Also did I mention my mother is a turkey slayer? She has killed five turkeys (the limit) this season!

Apparently these are nice spurs

and it was doubled bearded (in turkey hunter world that is a big deal)


Quick Bham Trip

Friday I had my 23 week check up in Birmingham (everything was a-ok), and later that evening we got to catch up with some friends at dinner at Chez Fon Fon. So delicious (Croque Madame and Pom Frites for me)! The company was great too...

23 weeks and 16 weeks...I have not shared on the blog that one of my BFF's Caroline is pregnant!
I am BEYOND excited for she and Steven and thrilled that our bambinos will be so close in age.

Saturday my parents brought up Lane and we met at Vulcan Park for lunch with Uncle Mac at the Shindings truck. 

Again, culinary excellence. The Willis burger is a must! You can find out their location around Birmingham each day here.

Lane loved it too

We then braved the zoo. Being a sunny Saturday it was pretty crowded, but Lane loved it, so it was definitely worth it. 

Adrian came to play with us, Lane and Amos love him!!

fam shot

His favorite was the elephant, He said "dog" a couple of times, I think we need
to work on our exotic animal names...

one tired little boy

This week we head to the Masters and then celebrate Jesus's resurrection! Hope everyone has a blessed Holy week!