New Normal and 2 months

Luke is now almost ten weeks old. How is it possible for time to fly, and also to go so slow with a newborn? I am trying to really soak in this sweet phase where cuddles abound. I am also coping with less sleep with lots of coffee :) I would love to say he is sleeping through the night, but is has not happened yet. I am hoping that miracle is coming soon....

He is a great nurser, and I have been blessed to get to go home throughout the day to feed. He eats every 3.5 hours. I give him a 6 ounce bottle at night, and assume he is getting around 5 ounces at the other feedings.  I am very thankful for no reflux or any other issues.

Lane loves to help, grabbing diapers, pacifiers, and talking to him to soothe him. It goes something like this. "Don't cry new baby, This is Lane boy. Momma, Holden, and Daddy are here."
Holden gives him attention when Lane does, and other wise ignores him. He has had the hardest time adjusting, needing some special attention.

one month picture

with his best buddy Oliver

 five weeks
see how is right ear fold in, so funny! His has his father's generous ears and they get "caught" on things

Our new normal in the mornings is straight chaos, but probably my favorite time (pending Luke slept decently). I have never looked forward to that first cup of coffee as much. Getting Luke fed, the boys dressed for school, and James and I ready for work is always interesting. I am so thankful for James as he usually is first up these days and gets the morning going. This is very against his nature, but he has been very selfless!

We managed to enjoy several fall things in the past two months as well....
the Fair came to town the first of October, and was a hit with Lane

Holden not as much :)

He did love the cotton candy! 

James thought Luke would be cold on our walk

making with cookies with all the boys

celebrating Daddy's 32nd birthday

at Highlands

our first date night away

Integrity 5k

watching Auburn games with friends

pumpkin patch fun

with the Tucker ladies

shenanigans in the backyard

celebrating birthdays with Funky Flamingo snow cones

playing with baby Henry
tractor show with the Garners

sums them up perfectly at this stage

I am so looking forward to the holidays with the boys. They are at such a fun age of excitement about everything. Today they were getting picked up by Pal from school to go spend the night at the Roost.
Holden told me "we spend the night at the woost tonight." "we gonna kill a wacoon!"
Lane told me "we gonna build a fire, a big one!" 
It's the little things :)