8 weeks

Holden is 8 going on 9 weeks...Here is a shot comparing him with big brother. Everyone thinks they look exactly alike, but as you can see although they have a lot of similarities, they are definitely different.  I think Lane looks more like James and Holden more like me, James says it is opposite. I don't know, they both are cutie patooties in my book :)

Holden is doing great: eats 4-5 ounces every 2.5 hours during the day and is still hit or miss at night. For example last night he went to sleep at 6:30, James dream fed at 10:00, he woke up at 3:30am,  I tried to get him back to sleep to no avail, so I fed him and he slept until 8:00 am. A few nights in a row he had slept from the dream feed until 5:30 am. I am sure he is right around the corner from being more predictable. (I think that was a mini pep talk to myself). I read on someone's blog, that sleepless nights are ok, you can catch up when they go to college :)
He is very smiley and very verbal, makes my heart melt. 

Mom and I were on the way back from cousin Ford's birthday party, and she handed him Sophie to try to distract him in the car. We kept hearing the squeak, squeak...I thought "wow, he is so advanced he can already grab and squeeze Sophie. My baby genius. Upon further inspection, Sophie was stuck under his leg and when he kicked she squeaked. Oh, well buddy, I still think you are brilliant. 

Lane is way more adjusted to having a sibling. He only tries to get in the swing with him or "play" (aka lay and roll over on) on the activity mat occasionally. You still have to keep a close eye, but over all he loves to kiss and rub Holden's head. I see why younger siblings are tough. 


Tennis Weekend

A few weekends ago we headed down to Dothan for a Mixed Double Tournament. This is the tournament that I signed us up for about 6 months ago knowing we would have a 7 week and 19 month old. A little crazy?! Probably, but thanks to Pie and Pal for being troupers, we did it. It was tons of fun! (well truthfully it depends on who you ask-I had a great time, James...well he might not say the same) I was so excited about getting two nights of consecutive sleep, tennis and fellowship were a bonus. 
I don't have great pictures because after the first night, I left the camera in the hotel. These below are from our dinner at The Old Mill Restaurant. It was pretty good, but again, I was so excited for a night out it could have been Captain D's and I would have been impressed. 
The Taltons

The Osborns (by this point we had only lost one match and still had hopes of glory)

 Becky and Neil
 Rick and Amy

David and Michelle

The Garners

Robert and Emery

James, Baxter, and Hoffman (not sure what they are laughing at--probably James's serve)

So how did we do? Friday we lost, James was surprisingly not engaged. What do I mean? Well, he wasn't really running after the ball, wasn't keeping up with the score, and just overall apathetic. I looked at him at one point and said "What is wrong with you? TRY HARDER!" He said tennis just didn't get his competitive juices flowing. WHAT?! I realized right there, we were in trouble. So we lost and re-evaluted. 

This sweaty glamour shot was after our WIN on Saturday. We did much better, didn't hurt that the team we played was not that great. But oh well, I'll take it. 

Sunday we played a group from Birmingham. When we were warming up and the guy was serving and it reminded me of Baxter, Emery or Robert's serve (all 4.0's that are exceedingly better than James or me), I looked at James and said "oh, crap"--or something similar :) I knew we were in trouble. 
Surprisingly, my slow forehand was frustrating for him (probably bc he was used to playing people that could actually hit it hard) and we won the first set in a tie break. In the second set it all went down hill. We were down 4-3 when James and I had a few little tense moments of who should be where when, and it all fell apart. OR more correctly James's had a temper tantrum. He might have smacked the net a few times with his racquet. He also might have smacked the court with his racquet, and it might have broken in two places.  He also might have yelled loud enough for our opponents to hear "IT IS OVER". Indeed it was. We lost 10-5 in the tie break. 
HMMMM...maybe being tennis partners with your spouse is not the best idea.

But all in all, we came back with our marriage intact and enjoyed fellowship with the Selma tennis family. 


Ella Kate

Meet Miss Ella Katherine Bobo "Ella Kate"
born September 18th, 2012
7 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches long

Abbie and I drove to Bham and arrived just in time to hear the announcement that it was a sweet baby GIRL...
Bradford was shocked too as most thought it was a boy!

We might have gotten a little antsy waiting for the news...the new momma was feeding. 
The report from Caroline this morning is that she still is a good eater and a sweet baby!

Here is the entourage headed down the hall to meet the newest Bobo...

revealing the news...yes, she looked amazing!!

The new fam of three
Proud new Momma Susie

I might just have to steal her away sometimes to go dress her in cute frilly clothes and get pedicures together. She probably will not like playing in the mud like her momma. (or if maybe not if her daddy has anything to do with it!)

Congratulations Bobo's, welcome to the world of no sleep, constant worry, and more love than you can ever imagine!


Catching up

First off, thanks to my guest bloggers for keeping the blog updated as I have been slacking...I am very humbled by Molly's post and so thankful for our friendship and being a part of the legacy of the names. Secondly, thanks to my sweet husband who not only did a surprise guest blog for my birthday, but did it at 5:00 am while feeding our little guy so I could sleep in on my birthday. The perfect gift. Speaking of baby boy, he is almost 8 weeks old....
here he is at 6 weeks
He is getting more and more personality. I love his coos and smiles, so sweet. He is my morning baby, and wakes up in the best mood. He still is not a consistent sleeper, sometimes going a 6 hour stretch, sometimes 4 hours at a time. I think I have just had to relax a bit and realize that just because he is not sleeping 8+ hours like his big brother did at this age, it is ok.  
He is a chunky monkey, he weighed 12.6 pounds (90th percentile) at his check up and grew an inch. I love his deep creases and rolls. He loves loves loves bath time and would stay for an hour in the sink tub if I would let him. 

This depicts the typical order of big brother's attention to Holden:
first: smiles and kisses 

Second: wants to share the limelight

Third: resorts to force if need be, this is him trying to "pick up" the little lamb seat. Poor Holden, his face is screaming, "mom, please help me!" Don't worry James was right there while I was clicking away :)

We have had a busy past few weeks and I have a lot of posts started that need finishing: Mom's 60th surprise birthday party, dove hunts, my birthday, our couples tennis tournament this past weekend...so stay tuned.
Also, Caroline of CARM fame is having baby Bobo tomorrow, I am SO excited!! I will be reporting in on boy or girl and the name as soon as I know! 



Happy Birthday RAYNE!  I wanted everyone to know about how wonderful you are in case they did not know. RAYNE has kept our house afloat these last 7 weeks as we have transitioned to two kiddos. She is sleep deprived but doesn't complain.  She has also joined me back at work this week which is a welcomed relief. She is a great business partner, really.  I hope this day is a great day for you RAYNE. Cheers....To the happiest joy filled lady, wonderful momma, exceptional wife, and tremendous friend I could ever ask for.
P.S. sorry no pics. I did good to figure this much out!



Behind the Name (guest post from Molly)

Rayne has told you all that she has a namesake....how blessed this baby is to be named for her Aunt RaRa! But Rayne didn't share all of the reasons why we chose this special name for our daughter....

Baby Rayne - 6 days old

I've known for years - long before marriage and pregnancy - that I wanted to name my daughter Rayne.  There's a little family tradition that I wanted to continue - I was named for my Mom's college roommate and close friend, Molly....Mom was named for Gramma's (her mom's) college roommate, Patricia - "Patti"....so of course I wanted my daughter to be named after Rayne, my roommate of nearly 7 years and the best friend a girl can ask for.  But there were a few more reasons why I was set on this name for our daughter....

at Mac & Lacey's wedding 2006 - 4th year living together
4 generations and the name tradition continues

The name Rayne means abundant blessings from above. Yes, please!  

Rich sharing the news that it's a GIRL and her name is RAYNE! 

I've always loved to see Mom and Molly together - still such good friends, quick to offer prayers for each other and able to pick up just like "old times" when together.  Their friendship has served as a wonderful example to me over the years. I know that Rayne and I will be friends throughout our lives and I know that God will always sit at the center of our friendship.  I am thrilled that my daughter will grow up with our friendship as a model for her to follow as she forms her own friendships.

Molly (who I'm named for), me and Mom at my bridesmaids luncheon

I've always felt so blessed to be named for such a Godly woman, who is devoted to her husband and children and quick to offer support throughout my life.  Now, you all know Rayne - either personally or through her blog - so you know what a FAITHFUL DAUGHTER of Christ, DEVOTED WIFE and LOVING MOTHER she is...how could I not want these qualities as an influential example in my daughter's life??  (Fun, fabulous style, quick sense of humor, incredibly smart and talented in her work....these qualities are just icing on the cake!)  I am thrilled that my daughter will grow up with Aunt RaRa's example of how we are called to live our lives....serving Christ and her family with such a giving and loving heart.

at Baby Rayne's baptism

I am thrilled that my daughter's name is RAYNE.  Rich might have taken a little convincing - let's face it, the name Rayne is a little unique - but he absolutely adores and loves the name!  We are so richly blessed by the Rayne's in our life!!