New York, New York! (Part One)

For Memorial weekend, my parentals, husband, and I headed up to NYC for a little big city fun. James and my dad had Pediatric dental meetings, and my mom and I had important shopping meetings. It was the perfect mix of eating, touring, shopping, and relaxing. I missed the munckin, but knew he was enjoying time with his Osborn grandparents.

Day One, We arrive in NYC bright and early to get a full day in of touring. We did a private tour with the group The Real New York Tours. We walked all over the city, and our guide Joe was very knowledgeable. We saw things that I would have never noticed, from the skinniest building in NY to where Aaron Burr lived, and on to more well known sites like Ground Zero and Little Italy.

Dad and Joe enjoying pizza


real fresh

James and the Brooklyn Bridge

new trade center going up

ok side note: does anyone watch Top Chef? If you do then you have heard of Eric Ripert. He is one of the most influential French chefs in the US today. He is known for his seafood dishes and his restaurant, Le Bernadin, is a Michelin three star (that's good folks!). We had reservations at his restaurant for our first night in town. We were walking down the street that morning, and James says nonchalantly, "oh, there is Eric Ripert". I exclaim, "WHAT, WHERE??!!". I then proceed to grab my camera and scream, "Mr. Ripert, Mr. Ripert!". He did not respond to this (don't know, could be the southern accent, I can't imagine?!) so I then scream, "ERIC!!". BINGO-he turns around to see what friend of his is calling out to him, and I run up and express that I am SO excited to meet him and I we are so honored that we will be eating in his restaurant. Oh, and do you mind if I get my picture with you?  He seemed thrilled, see below.

later in the evening

we did the chef's tasting menu (because, I mean we are friends now, right?!) and it was delicious! Each dish was perfection. above was a tuna with foie gras underneath, didn't know if I liked foie gras, but I do.

another interesting course of grilled octopus, amazing
There were many more delicious courses, but I finally put the camera down to enjoy. I also ordered a Manhattan to drink, because after all, we were in Manhattan. Did you know a Manhattan is 99% Bourbon? Well I did not. I just thought it would be cool to have a Manhattan in Manhattan, well not so much. I should have known when the waiter asked me, "how would you like it? straight up or on the rocks?", I was in trouble.

The next morning we went walking in Central Park. That speck to the right is me on the Bow Bridge.

The weather was beautiful. Also, we saw the Lady Gaga concert that morning. There were some interesting birds there watching (to put in nicely). I am not a Gaga fan, so we didn't stick around for long. If it has been Katy Perry that would have been a different story.

Next up, more good eats, Jersey Boys, and random places the breastpump got to go....


Rolling along

Well he did it... He rolled all the way over on his own. several times, and we BOTH were watching! Way to go Lane boy! (I think it was his anniversary present to us, he is SO smart.) He was pretty proud of himself too!

 This past weekend was our last full weekend in Birmingham until we moved, so we enjoyed some of our favorite things to do around bham. Friday night, Molly and Rich, hosted a going away wine party for us. It was so much fun! More on that later-it deserves a whole post on its on! Saturday morning, Maggie, met me for some yard sale shopping.
 Maggie feeding Lane, she will be such a great mom come December! (yes blog world, she is pregnant!)
We then headed down to Caldwell Park for Do Dah Day, a dog festival and parade. Hysterical. James gave it a 3 out of 10, but I think Amos and Lane loved it.


this was Amos's favorite

doggy mermaid?

We spent the rest of the day on a long walk, grilling burgers, and relaxing. Sunday James took me to V. Richards, our favorite Sunday lunch spot, followed by more napping and relaxing. I am going to miss the 'ham!


2 years ago...

I married my favorite. This morning he said, "Happy Anniversary. Last year, I got you a baby. This year I got you a house." He is a pretty good gift giver, huh?!

last year in Napa
2 years ago in Point Clear
Yes, it was a rainy ugly day,  and I think we changed to an inside ceremony to outside to inside then finally settling on an outside ceremony. But you know what I remember thinking? I don't really care, I just want to marry him.

These past two years have been wonderful. Thank you James for encouraging me, loving me unconditionally, and challenging me. I look forward to many more years of serving the least of these, changing poopy diapers, experiencing new places, trying out new pinots, going on long walks, and learning how to catch a bass. don't give up on me yet. even if i tangle your line every time.


3 months (ish)

Stats: 24 inches long, 12 pounds
Favorites: his two fingers, singing with daddy, playing in the kickin coaster, eating blankets, bath time minus drying off, getting his diaper changed, being outside
Dislikes: when his bottle is still warming, riding in his carseat, and when you block the TV from his viewing area (so hard to keep him from watching, it is like a magnet!)
Eating:5-6 ounces, 6 times a day
Nicknames: Lane boy, Mister Lane (what his daycare momma, Rita, calls him), Munkin (bc he is half munchkin, half pumpkin after all)
My favorites: when I pick him up out of the crib in the mornings, he gives me the sweetest smile and coo, he is definitely a morning person just like his momma, his mullet/backward toupee that he styles, when he gets  excited and pumps his legs really fast, his birthmark between his fourth and fifth toe on his left foot
Three words to describe him at this stage: Joyful, Content, and Perceptive
On the Horizon: rice cereal, rolling over (he has rolled over once from his stomach to his back, but only James saw it) and an overnight stay with his Osborn grandparents while we are in NYC for memorial weekend!!

starting to drool ALOT

12 weeks

eating blankets


LOVES his cousin Sam

"talking" to momma

 Things we are loving at this age as far as baby things go:
1. nightlight/sound machine: Home Medics soundspa
3. Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown

(the following are links to these from Buy Buy Baby, but my favorite place to get a deal is the Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory, everything is at least 25-30 % off)


Lane and Sam "talking"

The cutest... Lane loves his big cousin Sam, and I think this is a precious glimpse of what is to come...


Great finds!

I love a good Target find...especially now that they have these 2 new lines:

1. Calypso collection- great look for summer-very beachy/caribbean

2. La Dolce Vita- cute wedges that mimick designers for 1/3 the price (I got them in black, bc they did not have these in my size)

Happy Shopping!


Getting Closer...

The house is coming along...here are pictures from last weekend. Lots of progress!!
front entryway, mom found the cute light, love it!

new kitchen sink area (to your right when you walk in)

view looking back to door, area to the left will be beverage station with mini drink fridge and large fridge (cross area above large refridge is for wine storage)

continued view to the left, the peninsula is not in-- that will be in the middle of this area

pantry storage wall, LOVE this bc it is very deep and last area will hold large appliance (electrical outlets included in storage space so I will not have to move them!)

 awesome stainless Kohler sink that my mom found for over half off, looks great with the honed marble

new dual fuel GE cafe range and microwave (I am probably most excited about this as my current oven does not even half a temp gauge!!) Thanks to James for agreeing to these! (and thanks to my cousin Shannon for recommending them!)

painted den looking into kitchen

laundry room without cabinets, the sink will go under the window

Next up...finishing laundry cabinets, peninsula in kitchen, and lighting over peninsula...can't wait!