Aunt Ra Ra and Uncle James...

This weekend my nephew and niece, Sam and Fair, came into town. We had a fun Saturday morning with the kiddos. Here is a glimpse of our time...

JuJu let us use her convertible to go cruisin...

Off to the tot lot for some playground action...

We then headed to the Crestline Library for a little educational fun...

Some nice firemen gave us some cool hats and suckers (yes, right before lunch- you can tell they were with an aunt and uncle)

Time for lunch...Hotdogs, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Fingers, French Fries, and a Grilled Cheese...
Can it get any better?

We had a wonderful time, and Aunt Ra Ra had a nice BIG Saturday afternoon nap!


Try This...

Pecan Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce

My friend Kate, passed this recipe along to me recently. I gave it a try, and both James and I were quite pleased. It was easy, and delicious. I paired it with steamed broccoli and pasta. I think rice would be better because of the yummy sauce, but the hubby doesnt really like rice. (I know, strange!)

3 T. stone ground mustard
4 chicken breasts
1 C. pecans, coarsely ground
1/4 tsp. ground red pepper
1.5 T butter (melted)

1.5 c whipping cream
2 T. honey
2 T. stone ground mustard
1/4 tsp. salt

(The recipe serves four, but the honey mustard sauce
is plenty for 6-8 chicken breasts if you need to do
more than 4 pieces of chicken. Also, I made the sauce
earlier in the day and then just reheated it in the
microwave before we ate.)

Spread the 3 T. mustard on both sides of all the
chicken breasts. Combine pecans and red pepper in a
bowl. Gently coat chicken with pecan mixture. ( I
kind of dredged it through it and then when I put the
breasts in a pyrex, I put any leftover pecans on the
top of them). Place in greased baking dish. Bake
uncovered at 375 for about 30 min or until chicken in
cooked through. When there is about 10 min. left,
pour the butter over the top of the chicken. (You can
use more or less butter if you want).

For sauce, heat whipping cream. uncovered over medium
heat until reduced by half (about 12 minutes). Stir in
honey, mustard, and salt. until well blended. Spoon
it over the chicken when you put the chicken on your



How many D.M.D's does it take to put up a tent?

Well, from our experience this weekend...three.

How do these poles go together???

Now what do we do??

I think we got it!

The group right before rafting on the Ocoee.

We had a wonderful time rafting and camping this past weekend. The Turners and Osborns headed out early Saturday morning. We arrived in Tn about lunch time to meet the Tuckers and set-up camp. We then rafted the Upper and Middle sections of the Ocoee. Our guide, Cody, was great, but thought it was fun to see how many times we could fall out. I think I lost count at five. We then headed to Thunder Rock campground to spend Saturday night. I have decided I LOVE the hotdog/smore/fellowship around the fire aspect of camping, but not so much the sleeping on the hard ground part. My back has been feeling the pain. We did have an awesome time, and I am glad we got to spend time with wonderful friends.


Wedding Fun...

This past weekend we headed up to Tuscumbia, Al and had a wonderful time at my friend Rebecca's wedding. It was beautiful, a true elegant Southern wedding. I didn't get many pictures as I forgot my camera, but I took a few on my phone.
This was a fabulous pink lemonande, complete with grosgrain ribbon.

Don't you love the hot pink flower urn?!

We spent friday and saturday nights in Moulton, James's hometown. It was great to spend time with the Osborns. We also celebrated Sheila's (my MIL) birthday. This weekend I am looking forward to a Ocoee rafting trip and campout in Tn. I will take my camera this time!


Just Words

I have just finished the book Jane Eyre. Alot of you have probably read it, because it was required reading for most high schools...not good ole John T. Morgan Academy. I picked it up at the bookstore a few weeks ago, inspired to read a classic. I really enjoyed it. (sidenote-My husband saw me reading it, and told me it was the sole book that made him dispise reading. So it is not for everyone!) However, the whole time while reading it invoked a since of sadness. Why do we not use beautiful language like that anymore? Have we gotten lazy or are we not taught these words? We make things short with slang...for instance saying "hey" as a greeting. In the book, "hello my dearest" is normal. I mean, how much better if you were greeted from your husband by "hello my dearest"? Ok, maybe you would just laugh, but there is so much more beauty in those words. Another example is helpmeet, instead of husband. What a wonderful way to describe your spouse. A few of my other favourite (notice spelling) words include: frock (dress), assent (agree), alas (an interjection to express sorrow), and behest (promise or command)...My favorite quote comes from when Jane reminisces of her lost love Mr. Rochester..."His idea was still with me, because it was not a vapour sunshine could disperse, nor a sand-traced effigy storms could wash away; it was a name graven on a tablet, fated to last as long as the marble it inscribed." Oh, what love, for more inspiration, read Jane Eyre.