We are still here

I think the wise thing to do is not to explain the lack of blogging and just jump into in when I can, so here goes....
This sweet boy turned one in September. He is the funniest little nugget. He is way more active than his big brothers were at this age. He is a climber and not afraid of much. As feisty and active as he is, he is also the best sleeper. He sleeps 12 plus hours at night and two naps a day- My kind of schedule!
He is talking a good bit-Momma, Dada, Dog, Out, More, Eat etc.

I don't even remember what this is from, but it made me laugh. Kristen, James, and I out and about. 

We have enjoyed a few fires on the porch this fall, but not many. It has been hot here in central Al. 

We had dinner at Ovenbird, Chris Hastings new restaurant in Birmingham, very good

The big boys attended several Auburn games, and of course loved it. 

He is a good daddy

This picture is circa 2005, nice pink beads huh?!
My friend Molly is battling Melanoma--please be praying for her. She started immunotherapy a few weeks ago, and it is rough. She is the most genuine, patient and loving person I know. She is a momma to three precious baby girls-Rayne (3), Brooks (2), and Bess (5 months)

Read this book if you haven't, good stuff

One year check up

I could eat him up

The boys are big into hunting right now, mainly because they get to hang out with their friends while doing so. Social dove hunting is my favorite too :)

We ran a half marathon in Chicago. It was harder than I thought, but awesome! We signed up for another in Seaside in Feb. Running with these friends has been such a God thing this season of my life. Hitting the pavement, discussing life, praying, and praising with these ladies is therapy at its best. 

We celebrated birthdays, including Foster Jones, Lane's best buddy. As you can tell from this picture, he feels quite a part of the Jones's fam. So sweet

 In October we took a mini vaca to celebrate James's birthday.
lots of fruity drinks

and fun with Maggie and Mitchell

selfie stick on our balcony

He celebrated Miami Vice style
If anyone is looking for a nice, easy to get to spot for a long weekend, I recommend Nizuc. It is ten minutes outside the hotel corridor in Cancun. Amazing service! It is also only an 1.5 hr flight from Atlanta. 

Fairchild turned 8 so we celebrated fiesta style. 

Wow that wasn't so hard, maybe I'll try it again soon.