EGGS...ohhhh how I love eggs right now. Strange huh? At least they have alot of protein, right?

OH YEA, egg McMuffin from McDonald's...don't judge. It is delicious and cheap. Perfect stop on the way to work....So does this mean boy or girl? (or just plain weird?)

I went to my second doctor's appointment friday. I am 13 weeks tomorrow. I say that specifically because James always makes fun of my "rounding up". But who really cares if I am 12 weeks 6 days, so I round. I feel good, no nausea or as much tiredness. Still taking cat naps when I can, but I did that way before being pregnant. I can tell I am starting to show, but most people say they can't tell. I guess because they can't feel the button or zipper pulled to a tightness that is not so comfortable. My waist is definitely thicker. The doctor says everything looks great. We had an ultrasound, but I am having trouble figuring out how to get it on here. (any tips?) We should know the sex in about a month. I first thought girl, but now am thinking boy. James had a dream it was a boy, with brown eyes, but looked kinda like my brother...interesting. We shall see!!!
I don't see how you can wait 9 months, I can barely wait 4 1/2. We have an ultrasound machine here at work. I have found my way there to "try it" on myself a few times. I am getting pretty good at making parts out. I am sure I will think I know what Baby O is before the doctor tells me, could be interesting.

What do you think boy or girl?


Baby Reveal

First of all, this is way overdue. I have just not had the time to get the pictures together. Secondly, Warning: Lots of pictures..... I "told" my family about Baby O around father's day weekend. It worked out great, because we were all getting together as a family and celebrating my grandfather's (Pop) birthday. We always have a wonderful time when we are in the same place.

Jana, Mom, and Mac
Jess and Emily (such a beautiful couple)
Playing on hay with Fair (that's what you do in the country)

Mom and her sisters (I love this picture bc it SO represents them, always up to something!)
this one too: Mom, Aunt Mary Alice, Aunt Dolly, and Aunt Elon

using Fair as dumbbell (she loved it)
coloring with Mydot

Pop and Sam with Pop's vintage hat
"Children's" table

I happened to sign up to bring the cake.

And then the reactions...(thanks to Jana for capturing them)

This is my favorite. Already a proud daddy....

Coming Soon: Michael and Betsy's wedding!


A Picture and Prayer Request

Hello Blog Friends! Just wanted to ask for prayer for a friend named Morlene. She is the hygienist here at Christ Health Center, and a wonderful lady. She is in alot of pain due to a gallbladder issue, and probably going to have surgery in the next day or two. She is very tough, so for her to admit to any pain, means it is very bad. Please be praying for NO pain, a successful surgery, and for her family (she has 2 precious boys).
Thanks ya'll!

Also wanted to share a dog picture from this weekend....
Amos with his pals, Jet and Duke
Aren't they handsome?!
(photo via Maggie Lewis)


How I "told" James...

I think it is time for a few pregnancy stories...One of my favorites is how James found out he was going to be a daddy.
Date: Friday May 28, 2010
Time: 6:00 am
Back up to Thursday....I was at work, not feeling too spunky. I started feeling a little nauseated, nothing terrible, just slightly sick to my stomach. One benefit at working at Christ Health Center is all day medical advice. I talked to the doc, took some Zofran, and went on my merry way. They hygenist in her infinite wisdom (she has 2 kiddos), made the comment "Are you sure you should take medicine for that?" Clueless me didnt even know what she meant. Fast forward to that night about 3 am....I am laying in bed, feeling a little strange again. Hmmm...I realize what she was implying, and lay awake for several hours contemplating. At around 5:30, I can't take it anymore, so I quietly head to the bathroom . I remember I have one pregnancy test from my bachelorette party that Lacey (SIL) gave me as a gag gift (certainly handy now).  I pull it out, do what you are suppose to, look down and don't really see anything. Hmmm...I think well, that was crazy, whatever, must just be coming down with something. I head to the car to clean it out because we are headed to the beach with the fam for Memorial weekend. A few minutes later, James walks out (in his boxers), holding the test in his hand and says, "Seriously, THIS is how you tell me??????!!!!". I said, "What? I didn't really see anything. He asked me if I read the box. Well, no, I don't tend to read instructions. He asked if I waited more than 10 seconds. Well, no, I don't tend to wait very well. He points out the TWO distinct lines and their meaning. Hmmm...guess I was wrong.


Pool Party

Last week, James and I "house sat" for our landlords. They have a beautiful home right behind ours. We had some friends over for a little swimming, cookout, and fellowship. Best of summer days!

Sawyer Reed, the cutest thing ever!

Baby Rivers Reed, also the cutest thing ever! Look at those cheeks!
Baby Amos, the best dog in the world (if I am this partial to a dog, what am I gonna say about Baby O?!)
and James (also the best husband in the world)
Kyle and Kristi (parentals of Sawyer and Rivers) Nick, James and Amos

Penny and Nick
Alyse relaxing poolside, also love Kyle's face in the background
Sawyer's sweet cheeks

Alyse, I think its your turn!

Such a fun night!


Weekend Fun

We had lots of fun this past weekend.....

Dinner Friday night at Rosebud, delicious!

Em and Jill

The preggos (I know you love a close-up Lesli so this is for you!)

Sat night lingerie party for Molly

The Honoree

Dinner Sat night at Cantina, again very yummy
Alpha Gams age beautifully

She was very happy about getting to wear the ring and sash in public!

We did all that was planned, lots of eating, catching up with a little shopping and pedicures thrown in. We all hit H&M since most of us don't have one nearby. I bought a few shirts I can "grow" into over the next few months. I would love advice from all you moms out there: When did you really start showing with baby #1? The planner in me is trying to figure out when my clothes will stop fitting, and when the "bump" will become more like a "mound".  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Squirrel Reunion!

This weekend I am headed to Atlanta to spend some time with my college Alpha Gam friends. We try to get together every year during the summer, and this year we are headed to stay with Emily. On the schedule: eating, shopping, pedicures, eating, some more shopping and eating, then Sat. night a bachelorette night for Molly. In between it all, catching up on the details of everyone's lives. It is hard to beat a girl's weekend! I will take lots of pics, and do better with actually posting them next week.
Graduation week, 2005
Rebecca, Emily, Brooke, Molly, Allison, Rayne
Les, Blair, Margaret, Abbie

Wedding shower Bham 2009
Brooke, Jill, Alyse, Rayne, Rebecca, Emily
Abbie, Molly, Allison, Lesli


Which Ones?

Do you think BABY OSBORN will be wearing in Febuary? Yes, that is right, I am pregnant! Most of you probably have already heard the grapevine, but I was trying to wait to post/spread the word until 10 weeks which is tomorrow. It is really hard to hold it in. I am feeling great, just the normal tiredness. I haven't felt very sick as long as I keep some crackers handy. The baby is due Feb. 3rd to be exact, though apparently there is only a 5% chance it would actually come on that day. James and I are thrilled! I have been keeping a journal of everything thus far, and will share some soon!


God Bless America

by Irving Berlin

"While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,

Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free,

Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,

As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. "

God Bless America,

Land that I love.

Stand beside her, and guide her

Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains,

 to the prairies,

To the oceans, white with foam

God bless America, My home sweet home.