I hate that time is flying by, and I am not documenting most of it! I am going to play catch up this month with LOTS of pictures. We have had a great summer--the boys loved all things water-swimming, fishing, and heading to the beach.

this little nugget is almost one

This is documenting that I started a garden. Started being the key word. I have failed, and am really ok with it. James said I am a farmers market gardener, and I think he is right. I believe between my rocky raised bed soil, the critters that attacked my squash and zuchinni plants, and the extreme heat I can safely say, my garden failed. I harvested all of one green pepper and a handful of cherry tomatoes. 

He is into everything, crawling (started at 8 months) and now walking.  :(

These three are really into playing with each other, thank goodness.

Lane and Foster at tennis camp--Lane says "I am really good at this sport!" 

Boys on the hill playing in the afternoon, can't wait to see this picture again in ten years!!!

Luke is a love muffin. I thought he was going to be so layed back since he has been a great sleeper compared to the others. HMMMM I am thinking not. He is showing some definite opinions and spunk. 

We have been going to the beach a lot (thanks Pie and Pal), and they love it. Fishing is their favorite, especially Lane. He could do it for hours and doesn't get sea sick. 

Part two and three coming at some point ;)