Tucker Twins

 This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming arrival of the Tucker Twin girls...
Emily and Elliott, love love their names! Can't wait to encounter each's personality

30 weeks with TWINS, she looks great!!

proud grandmommas

sweet friends and "young"hostesses

Can't wait to meet these sweet girls, won't be long now!
Logan (their daddy) says they will not be able to date the Osborn boys, we'll see about that...


7 months and RODEO

 This chunky monkey is 7 months old and then some...

He is quite the ham and looks like he ate a ham bone...

He is the most ticklish child EVER...

He is a mover and a shaker...

He is finally a great sleeper...

He loves his momma but is starting to turn :(
As seen above, he is teething like crazy, the top incisors are trying to make their way in...

Yes, he gets wedgies bc all of his little bubbles are tight in the thighs and rear...
Loving this sweet boy and this fun age!
On to the rodeo...
This past Saturday Pie and Pal, Sam and Paul, Ford, Lane and I headed in the suburban to the 2013 SLE Rodeo in Montgomery. We grew up going to the rodeo every year as we have a family heritage in the Cattleman's Association and Southeastern Livestock Exposition (Pop is one of the only two living founding members), so I could not wait to share the experience with Lane. 

These two looked quite the part...

Poor Ford is also subjected to Lane's kisses :)

with Pal going in

to say they were in awe would be an understatement! Love Ford's face here!

my favorite picture of the day, Lane wanting to be just like his cousin Sam
I knew we were in for a treat when Lane saw the tractor raking the dirt before it started and began squealing. They did really well and payed attention most of the time. 
I think we will continue the tradition!


Iphone Dump and Recipes

I have done a terrible job taking "real" pictures lately, but that is just where we are right now...I know ya'll understand! Here are some pictures from the last week of what we have been up to...

baby showers

enjoying "hots" as it has been cold for central Al this time of year
Lane's longest sentence to date is "I bwuild hot wif da"
He is obsessed. 

morning tussling

 and tickling
Mickey Mouse lovers

sweet teethy smiles

walks with friends (sweet baby Jude who was baptized this Sunday)

 bath time chaos (I have about a million of these pictures as this is EVERY night)

date nights
Visiting Sam at school for dental health month

making chocolate covered strawberries for a party, oh and for us to eat as Lane and I both decided they are our favorite!

Mary the sweet lady that keeps the boys has been out having surgery and it has been a little crazy around our house.  Thank goodness for mom filling in and Jim and Shelia talking Lane for a little quality time. I have spent more time around the house though and tried some new recipes...These two were a hit at our house:
This granola recipe from Left on Amelia.
image from Left of Amelia blog

This penne recipe from Pioneer Woman. 
image from Pioneer Woman

Easy and delicious!