Bradford's Visit

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having the Lewis fam down for a visit. Lane got to "play" with Bradford, and he was intrigued to say the least....

Bradford is sooo sweet. I had forgotten what an infant's cries sounded like. Maggie would say, "oh he is really upset about something"
 if he was crying...to me it sounded like sweet displeasure. Funny what you get used to when you have a one year old that screams bloody murder when he is really upset. 

When Aunt Ra Ra was babysitting... I was so busy taking pictures, Lane might have gotten his sweet paws on Bradford for a tiny second. 

See the evidence. (don't worry, it was superficial and went away within minutes or I would have not taken a picture and laughed with his momma!) What am I going to do in a few months when 2 little ones is my reality daily?!

In other news, Lane boy turns 1 this Saturday!! We are celebrating with a family quail hunt and supper. I know this sounds strange for a one year old birthday party, but if he could talk, I know this is what he would ask for as quail hunting is easily his favorite activity. 

How time flies!


Day to Day

This has been one of those weeks...nothing exciting, just the norm...work and family time with some exercise and friend fellowship thrown in. Do you ever have those weeks where you are just thankful that you made it through, and it is Friday? Not trying to be a negative Nancy, just keeping it real.
James got him this sweater, he looks like a baby 30 year old.
 Somehow he knew he was dressed like a big boy.

He is also getting too smart for his own good...
This is the look he gives me after. I am in trouble. (also think he is due for a haircut?)

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are planning to do nothing, and I can't wait! 


Bath time and other Tidbits

Other randomness: Have you read my sister's blog? I am so glad she is finally blogging as she is a great writer with a very witty sense of humor. Go check it out!

Any book recommendations? I just finished a couple (Proof of Heaven and Inheritance of Beauty for those interested) and they were just ok. I enjoy a good light read before bed time. 

We have a new sign at work:
If you are in the area, come see us!


11 months and 11 weeks

Thank you all of the sweet and encouraging words about baby Deuce (as we are calling him/her for now). We are beyond thrilled and thankful.

Lane boy is 11 months old and I am 11 (almost twelve) weeks pregnant. First off Lane...
Personality!! This month has brought the most obvious growth in his personality...likes/dislikes/opinions/expressions, etc.  It is funny seeing James's traits and my traits come out in him. He has James's engineering mind. He loves trying to figure things out. A few examples: he played with the safety locks on different cabinets until he figure out how to get it them off. He knows that cars, golf carts etc have horns. When Pie and Pal take him riding on the hunting buggy that doesn't have a horn, he pushes where the horn should be. When it does not "beep" he looks underneath as to say, "why isn't this working?". He loves all toys with buttons/levers so he can watch the cause and effect relationship.
He has a lot of me too..he is a morning person. He wakes up smiling and talking non-stop. He is very animated and "flaps" his arms when he is excited. I used to do this as a child (honestly still do sometimes!).  He also loves books!!

Favorites: riding or "driving" the mule or golf cart in the country, playing with Amos,  playing with all of his toys from Christmas, especially the car that Grandmomma and Granddaddy gave him

Dislikes: He has gotten very opinionated- he will strong arm you when he does not want you to give him kisses or when he is finished eating. He also has a new face that he squints his eyes, throws back his head and shrieks when he is unhappy about the situation. It is hard not to laugh.  Things that he does that to-green beans, when you go outside with out him, getting dressed or changing his diaper

Talking: he is VERY verbal, though I don't understand most of it. He def still says da-da and now dog. He sees Amos and it is nothing but dog, dog dog!! He also says something that sounds like who dat? I can't figure out what he means? He says it over and over and I think must be something like What's that? In the video below is the closest he has come to ma ma. It also shows his new squinty face.

He is close to walking. Pull ups on everything, standing up by himself for a few seconds then plops down, but crawls so fast and gets around efficiently so I don't know that he has the need.

For my records: this pregnancy so far has been very similar: I feel pretty good, was tired from weeks 6-8, slightly nauseated (this time more so at night), and still HATE taking the vitamins. I am trying to take them right before bed, and that makes it tolerable. I think this go round, with work and Lane, I don't have time dwell on things as much. I have been slightly more anxious, I think mainly because since having Lane, I realize exactly how much of a MIRACLE he is and what all could go wrong. I am ready for our 12 week appointment Friday to hear that sweet heartbeat again.
Will we find out the sex? YES!! I wish I could not, but it would drive me crazy. For planning purposes it will be good as Baby Deuce and Lane will share a room so we will need to know how to organize closets, etc.
Craving: eggs, AGAIN so weird. I am limiting my egg Mcmuffins from McDonalds this go round!


Christmas Recap and a Big Gift

Catching up...We celebrated Christmas with my side of the fam on Christmas Eve Eve before heading North to the Osborn's. We had a delicious dinner and opened presents. 

Lane and his Great grandaddy Pop, sharing a snack

 a lot of toting around by Sam
Then we shared our biggest (or smallest, however you look at it) gift...
Lane shared the news...

What?! Really?!

Yes, we are expecting a baby in July!(July 27th to be exact) I am almost 11 weeks and am feeling great. We were and weren't surprised. We were hoping to have kiddos close in age, but when it really happens, it always is a bit surprising! They will be 18 months apart, so fun (I think, other moms out there with this scenario, so fun right?!) 

The next morning we headed to Moulton...
playing with Uncle M and Aunt B, he loved the guitar

his favorite person, Grandaddy Jim, two peas in a pod

he was all about cookies for Santa

giving Aunt B some lovin'

Santa came (aka Grandmomma and Grandaddy!!)

after church, men shot

with his favorites! (who also kept him while we were on vacation, thank you!!)

family shot, notice my new vest off of my wish list... thanks mom and dad!
We finished the Christmas festivities with dinner with the Lane family.
cousins Annie and Sarah

with Mamaw and Papaw Lane

Whew...picture overload! For those still reading, thanks for hanging in there. 


Making Lemonade

This past week we were supposed to be celebrating New Years in the Bahamas with the Rossells. It did not happen. Wednesday morning we woke up very early to head to the Montgomery airport to fly to Georgetown, Great Exuma via Atlanta only to find that both flights had been cancelled. Not delayed, CANCELLED. (they had sent a confirmation text at 11:00 pm the night before, followed by a cancellations text one minute later, we were asleep) We were assured they would put us on the next flight on the 30th. TWO DAYS LATER. I kid you not. We were flying with Delta, which we usually like. Not so much this trip. The nice  people at the Delta counter (which I am not being sarcastic, the workers themselves were pleasant enough, just not the outcome). Due to overbooked holiday schedules and limited seats, they could swap us to another airline, but could not guarantee that we would get on any of the other flights to the bahamas until the 30th. We were only going for 4 nights, so this was unacceptable. I tried for about 45 minutes to come up with another solution...fly somewhere near, rent a boat, etc. to no avail. James then tried for another hour to come up with a plan. (and he was a little more stern about it) It was just not going to happen. Hence the new Osborn slogan: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I was sooo disappointed as we had fishing trips, boating excursions, and some good girl talk time planned. Molly and I had LOTS of catching up to do.  I was even freshly spray tanned!
Obviously the Lord had other plans for us, so we prayed, and redirected. My sweet husband said, "well where do you want to go that we can drive to? Anywhere you want." We had both always wanted to go to the Inn at Palmetto Bluff in SC, a beautiful Auburge resort that was named best Spa Resort in US 2010.  BUT we were packed for the BAHAMAS. Bathing suits, flip flops and linen. We both at least were wearing jeans. But we were making lemonade....so we called the Inn at PB and headed East. Our first stop, Target, of course.
Purchased:workout pants and top and tights (really you can turn anything into a winter outfit with black tights!) for our new destination
When we arrived we were greeted by Bethany and the AMAZING staff at Palmetto Bluff. They had upgraded us to a river view cottage because of our problems earlier. It was the nicest "cottage room" I have ever stayed in. 

I would copy this for a bathroom one day. Perfection. Complete with steam/rain shower to the left. 

Fire place. Ahhh

Welcome basket with lots of goodies and beautiful view of the May river.

porch perfection

the view

from the outside
 The weather was in the 60's and sunny. Not Bahamas' 80's, but nice.
James showing off his no hands trick circa 1990. We did a lot of this, riding bikes, kayaking, eating, bird watching, reading, and more eating. We definitely "made lemonade".


I also found our next few vacation homes in my pretend life.

I am not picky, any of those would do.

our one shot together

beautiful chapel

We then packed up and headed for Savannah to eat lunch and explore for a few hours before the trek home. We saw this little place with a long line and figured it must be good. 

me waiting in line, which if you know me know is not my favorite thing

But for these, worth it! James had the meatloaf sub and I had the chicken sub. 
The place is called Zunzi's if you are ever in the area. 

So my friends, we had a relaxing vacation, and learned we are NOT in control and to have FAITH that He has good planned no matter the circumstances.