Holidays with small children can be so much fun, but also so exhausting! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending time with both of our families. 
This little boy is learning to go with the flow...

Lane had a Thanksgiving program at school, and it was precious. It continually blows my mind how much they learn at two and three years old.

Lane was an Indian

with Foster Jones, their best buddy. Holden was a turkey. Very appropriate

They are very into guns and hunting thanks to Pal. They shoot chipmunks, armadillo, and deer. 
And animals on tv

wish I got a better shot, but Pie and Pal with their grands

blurry but so sweet

two peas in a pod

Hardy busy cracking stone crabs our fams thanksgiving tradition thanks to my generous grandparents

Elon and Luke getting in some loving

Three months and finally sleeping through the night!!

Holden said he wanted his picture taken too

Luke will be tough thanks to this big brother
we celebrated D's birthday when we were visiting Moulton

up next Christmas and Four months...course it might be awhile :)