and no showers. and eating out. and falling over boxes. and realizing you have hoarding tendencies.
As you can tell, it has been a fun few days around the Osborn house! But the end is in sight! The movers come tomorrow morning. Ok, enough about that...I realized I have not shared pictures of Lane's first swim in the bayou. Thanks Pal for showing him how....
Pal is having fun, Lane not so sure

getting more excited

love those legs

trying to eat the water (there is a pattern these days)
This is fun!


4 months (ish)

I always seem to be a little behind on these monthly postings. They just kind of sneak up you, kind of like the fact that Lane is already almost five months old. He is changing constantly.
Favorites: his feet! they are now constantly near or in his mouth, grabbing your nose, hair, glasses etc., when you blow on his belly after changing his diaper
Dislikes: any extended time in his car seat (like when we were on the way back from the beach=no fun),  when you won't let him watch tv 
Eating:5-6 ounces, 6 times a day plus some type of fruit in the morning and rice cereal or vegetable at night (ok, I have only tried the peas so far and he spit them back out everywhere, but I am going to persevere this week with carrots and green beans)
Height/Weight:??? we will find out when we go to our new pediatrician in Selma in a few weeks
My favorites: his squeal when he is excited about things, when he falls asleep on my shoulder sucking his fingers, when he and his dad play before bed
On the Horizon: moving into his new house this Friday!



Happy Daddy's Day

or as we like to say in Selma, Diddy.
Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband on his first father's day. You are already such a wonderful father, and I look forward learning about parenthood with you for years to come. Can you believe we are this blessed?

And to my father, Thank you for showing what it means to be a man of God, for walking the walk. Below is one of my favorite pictures from James and my wedding because I think it captures how I feel about you.

Now I just hope I don't have to fire you anytime soon. just kidding- can't wait until July 5th! 


First time at the Beach

We are beach people around here. Apparently, Lane does not understand that yet. Here are pictures from his first time in the sand. He was not so sure about it.

Tomorrow we are heading out on the boat. His new life jacket looks like it will swallow him whole. It should make for an interesting adventure. 


More Pics

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from Deann:

Last weekend, our trip to Scott's and IKEA was successful! We purchased some great chairs for our dining room, (my husband says I have a chair obsession!) a coffee table, a couple of pillows, and 2 poufs (you know the small fabric ottomans). Pictures to come once they deliver everything. It was so much fun! James was a big help, as he was the "money man". He would bargain with the vendors saying, "I really don't want this stuff, my wife does, so you better give me the best deal or we won't be getting them today." and he meant it. I of course, was standing to the side trying not to mess up the deal with my pleading looks. What a great team. 

We arrived at the beach last night. Lane did great in the car! We have lots of new gear...life jacket, float, pack-n-play, baby sunscreen wipes, hats, etc. Hopefully we will get to use it all!

I also want to give a shout out to Jennifer from Clothe Yourself  in Love. She made this precious romper for Lane. She can personalize anything for your little one, and does a great job. Her things make great gifts too! Check out her stuff here.


Happy Friday

Guess where we are headed tomorrow? Ok, I 'll tell you....Scott's Antique Market and IKEA in Atlanta. I am very excited, we are looking for items for the new house...a coffee table, end tables, storage items, etc. James wanted to go with my mom, Aunt Mary Alice, and myself...should make for an interesting trip. I will let you know if we purchase any great "finds"! Any tips for IKEA? I have never been and heard it can be a tad overwhelming, we shall see.
In other news, our friend Deann, (remember Ramsey from the last post, this is his wife!) took some precious pictures of Lane a couple of weeks ago. Here is one of my favorites:

If you are ever looking for someone to take some pictures for you, Deann is awesome! Shoot me an email, and I will give you her info. More pictures to come!

Happy Weekend Friends!


Meet Ramsey

This our friend Ramsey, he is raising money for his mission trip to Niger, Africa. You can read about it here on his blog. One of his fundraising activites for the trips was a mustache. Yes, you read that right. If he raised over 500 dollars, he pledged to sport a mustache for a month. As you can see, it is not your typical mustache. James and I were happy to support such two wonderful causes. Here we are with Ramsey yesterday. Many Blessings on your trip Ramsey. We are praying that God is glorified in a mighty way!


Jacque B

My grandmother, Maw Maw or GiGi-once she became a great-grandmother, passed away this past Sunday. She had not been doing great health-wise for awhile, so it was a blessing she is no longer suffering. She is with Jesus and a bunch of loved ones in heaven right now! I did a post on Gigi's 87 birthday here, and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful memories I had with her. One of my cousins said it best when they said, she loved you for exactly who you are, she never judged you, only guided you in the right direction by her faith, love, and example.  I also just finished reading Heaven is For Real, and in it the little boy Colton goes to heaven for a few minutes (due to some medical circumstances) and experiences Jesus. His parents know this because later when he is well, he shares different tidbits about heaven that they know they never taught him. One of my favorite parts is that he was obsessed with finding a picture that really looked like Jesus. This is the one that one day after years of looking, he said, "That's it! That is Jesus." So I am celebrating that GiGi is with him right now.

and I am so glad she got to meet Lane before she left.


New York, New York! (Part 2)

The rest of our trip was spent with more shopping, eating, and  the Jersey Boys musical.

mom and dad at Grammercy Tavern, delish!

sidenote on Grammercy Tavern: we were just sitting enjoying our wine (no, no Manhattan this time!) and the manager walked up and said "are you Mac Russell's parents?" he proceeds to tell us they worked together at Hot and Hot here in Bham several years ago. He then sends us lots of complimentary dishes to try. Thanks Dave! (and Mac for being in the food industry, I enjoyed the perks!)

fam shot
one of my favorite dishes, the meatball (that white stuff you see is melted fontina cheese, oh yea!)

great musical, especially for my dad as he grew up to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, but I knew most of the songs like, Oh' What A Night and Let's Hang On...

Our last night at Barbuta in the meatpacking district

with the Chef Jonathan Waxman, another Top Chef Masters favorite. He was awesome! So nice, did not mind my stalking introducing myself at all

Hudson River view

Let me say this trip could not have been possible without my friend the Medela pump. She (I think a breastpump would be considered female) went with me everywhere. Also,"pumping and dumping" did make me very, very sad. Liquid Gold down the drain. Seriously, people are selling it for 1-2 dollars an ounce!James's dad sent me this article in from Wired magazine. Check it out, unbelievable. Below are a view places Medela visited.
airplane bathroom was interesting

this one was very cool, bathroom in ABC Home, more to come on that store later...

All in all, great trip! (Thanks to James's parentals for babysitting) I was ready to get back to see Lane...
we did alot of this on Monday together