36 weeks pregnant + sprained ankle + 16 month old = awesome

I still have been playing tennis and loving it...last night, I went for the ball and met the concrete instead. The good thing is that I protected the baby and my stomach, but in doing so rolled my ankle.  It is not broken, just a high ankle sprain. It is pretty painful, not gonna lie. 
Thank goodness James has been a good Mr. Mom and the parentals are taking Lane to the beach with them for a couple of days. 

It could be worse, remember this?  


Seabed Beach Trip

This past weekend we headed back to the beach to enjoy some time with my mom's side of the fam...my grandparents rented a condo at Turquoise Place (or Palace we called it!). It was awesome, beautiful views and great pool areas for Lane. 
I like this picture, because it is very accurate of how we spend time at the beach or anywhere for that matter. Lane boy running ahead and parent (now namely James due to my slow waddling) strolling behind (in this instance with a frozen drink in hand). He does not slow down. 

He loved the Gulf this time...it was a little calmer and the waves didn't phase him. 

At night we hung out at the condo and ate delicious meals prepared by my mom and aunts. We had feasts of shrimp, fish, homemade bread, fresh vegetables, homemade cakes, cookies, etc. This pregnant lady was in heaven. 

Lane loved the tuna dip. Aunt Mary Alice showed him how to properly dip, but he was more of a double to triple dipper. 
Sunset on the balcony

This last night Pop took us to Voyagers at the Perdido Beach Resort. Yum!
The whole crew
Lane giving Mydot kisses. 

Jess and Emily

This is how Lane sits at restaurants, feet propped up...not very good etiquette, but I was so proud he didn't have any major break downs, I let it slide. 

sisters and Pop and Mydot

Pie and Lane

Macon and Elon, my lovely cousins

Thanks Seabed and Pop for a wonderful time! 


34 weeks

This pregnancy is flying by...don't want Baby #2 to feel neglected so here are my "For the Records":

How big is baby? Not sure...I would guess around 4.5 to 5 pounds, I have been measuring right on to a week behind as far as belly, which is larger than with Lane. I usually was 2 weeks behind. Dr. E said this baby should be right around the same size. I have only had 2 ultrasounds this time, versus whenever I wanted with Lane, (my previous job had an ultrasound machine on site) so it is kind of funny because I just don't get to go check on him whenever I want. We also didn't do the 4D this time as last time after three tries we still didn't get a good shot.

Maternity clothes?: Summer is awesome for being pregnant as far as dressing goes. Yes, you deal with a little heat, but I LOVE being able to throw on white jeans and a loose airy top or shorts and a maternity T with flip flops. Heaven.  Accessories are more fun as well with all of the cute turquoise and coral out for the season. My go to jeans are Gap and Maternal America from Swanky Stork
I bought these little flip flops the beginning of the summer for a comfy throw on and they are amazing. Like walking on a cloud...and for 30 dollars, worth every penny.

Sleep?: Not so much. Baby boy #2 is very active at night, especially around 2:15 am. I hope this is not an indication that he is a night owl. I am still exercising regularly with tennis, walking, and such and this I think helps on the sleep front. The days I am really active, I do sleep harder.

Food cravings?: Nothing crazy...carbs and sweets, but oh wait, that is all the time. I have not eaten as much chocolate cake this time, but filled in pretty well with Reese's and brownies. I am having more heartburn than with Lane, so I eat a larger lunch and then smaller dinner and that helps keep it at bay. I have had several tomato sandwiches for dinner this past week, and they have hit the spot!

Movement?: VERY active now, more so than with Lane. I can see him roll around and see my stomach move.
Belly button?: it is half in half out, sweet. looks great in my swim suit. NOTE:lots of sarcasm
What are you looking forward to in the next week?: another beach trip!

Drs. Visits?: I go in the 22nd, and then every week. I had blood work done last visit to check my platelet levels, and praise the Lord everything was fine (178 to be exact). I was nervous about this bc with Lane my platelet level got so low I was very close to not being able to have an epidural. As I told Dr. E, I do not have a natural birth plan. As quoted from one favorite movies Baby Mama:
(preface: this is when they are in birthing class)
 "Now who is having an all natural birth?"
(everyone raises their hands)
Instructor: "And who is going to use toxic drugs to get rid of the pain?"
(raises both hands up while bouncing on the ball)

"Whoop, Whoop!!!"
Hello scary

I am very excited about meeting this baby boy, I can't wait to see what his little personality is...I also am excited nervous to see how Lane reacts. Any suggestions from moms out there on the best way to ease the transition for the new siblings?

Our first produce from the garden. Aren't they cute?!


Honoring your Parents

Ephesians 6: 1-3
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

This past week we took a flower arrangement to my grandfather (my father's father) and grandmother's (my father's mother) graves. My father does this every year, usually on Flag day- the day that Paw Paw was buried. This year Sam, Lane, and I went along....I wanted to share a sweet conversation that Pal and Sam had that I thought was a perfect example of a living Bible lesson. Sam asked Pal why we were doing what we were, and Pal responded with the above scripture and explained that it was an example of honoring your father and mother. Sam thought a moment and then said, "So one day Pal when I am like 100 and you die, I will put flowers on your grave?!"
Such a childlike sweetness


Russell Beach Reunion

A few weeks ago, the Russell clan enjoyed a beach weekend get together. We don't get to see our coastal cousins as much as we would like, so this was a perfect weekend of catching up, eating, and enjoying the beautiful May beach weather. Warning:picture overload

 cousins William Buster and Lane (they are 4 months apart)

Mary Russell and Lane

early morning book reading with Pal

lunch at Sunset Grille, Lane chilling with Russell

Fairchild and Ann Marie

Aunt Ann, Uncle Bones, Pie and Pal

The Garners

with Lane boy 
this outfit is Vintage, circa 1983 (his daddy's, thanks Shelia for keeping!)

Aunt Ann and I were troopers and went fishing with the boys

Aunt Ann and Sam reeling in "a big one"

I love this bc it is a perfect depiction of Lane in awe of his big cousin Sam

Mary Lafitte, Shannon, me, and Mary Russell

plus Jana
Right before this picture, Shannon made the announcement that she and Robert are expecting a baby blessing in early December! We are so excited! She looks and feels great, and I know they will be great parentals (well Robert will learn, haha!!!)

swing time with Fair

love this one too,  Lane is enthralled with Fair

sweet William and Russell

Fam shot

beautiful girls (Mary Lafitte is also expecting #2, due in late October)

the Cooks


with the Saturday night Luau theme, Aunt Ann had a little performance planned, it was so cute! They all looked the part though Lane did not perform well under pressure...oh well, it was still very entertaining!


Such a great weekend, hopefully we can do it more often!