Slip N Slide Fun

One of the most fun parts of our new house is the yard. The back yard is flat and has a great playground area. The front has a big sloping grassy area that is perfect for a big slip n slide. We decided to give it a try last week. 

The Garners overseeing the festivities

I ordered one (husband approved off Amazon) that is 75 feet long. It was the perfect length for the kids.

We also celebrated Holden's birthday as it was two days later. He loved the celebration aspect (aka cake, cookies, and candles) but not so much the slip n slide. 

The Tuckers

The twins have gotten so big! Walking everywhere, I am thinking this is Ellie, but I could be wrong as they look so much alike!

James giving it a try

and Brett...which is when we realized it was not long enough for the adults as they went speeding down and kept going off the slide for -oh I don't know- about 15 feet in the dirt. Bruises, scrapes, etc. were acquired by all. Did this phase them? Nah...plans were made for tripling the length. 
Don't worry I stayed OFF

Holden how old are you?
Close buddy.
Trying it again

This is a perfect depiction of my second born. He wasn't really into the "thrill" of the slide, but enjoyed drinking from the sprinkler, running up and down the hill, and eating his weight in goldfish. 
And when we are celebrating your birthday, do what you want to do.

Happy Birthday to Holden and Jana!!
It is so hard to believe my baby (for five more weeks) is two. James and I told him about the day he was born several times. He loves hearing about how he "crawled" out of momma's tummy (if it were only that easy!!). 
He is so full of life. He loves to cuddle and will hug and kiss you anytime. 
He is just as sassy as sweet. He will adamantly tell me "NO, I not do that. " not caring that there will be consequences. I have a feeling he will teach us creativity with discipline ;)
He calls his new brother "Caillou (most winny kid on tv) Mickey Mouse Osborn Jr." and then laughs at himself. 
I think you are funny too Holds. 


Kid Friendly Recipe

I don't know about ya'll, but summertime has been a slight parenting fail on getting my boys to eat healthy. Popsicles, french fries, hot dogs, chicken fingers, pb &j etc. have been on the menu more frequently. I think part of this has to do with the fact I am pregnant and want to eat like a kid anyway. I also love to bake when I am pregnant, so dessert every night is the norm. They aren't complaining needless to say. I do love summer's abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, but even those I have managed to add something too...zucchini bread, butter bean corn salad, berry cobbler, etc. 
So when I saw this recipe, I was excited to give it a try:
pic via Friendly Kitchen blog

The recipe promised to be similar to Zoes Kitchen
Yes Please!
It also works great when chicken is buy one, get one free. 
James grilled the  chicken breasts on the green egg on Sunday and I made these with the leftovers. 
and the best news is that the boys loved them, like ate thirds loved them, so a big WIN.
Give them a try...


Summer Days

love these sweet friends

lots of pool days, complete with french fries and ketchup

river trip with our cousins

boat rides with the Tucker twins

speckled trout abundance

Lane's favorite "I don't want to take a picture face"

Father's day 2014

dental visits

baby shower set up at our new house

CARM for Baby Lewis's luncheon

muddy boys in the neighborhood

lemonade stand for Integrity Worldwide

pushups by the pool with Emily and Elliott

Bayou mornings

boat rides with Pal

Happy Independence Day!

favorite ride

relaxing with Daddy

playtime with cousins

Fourth of July Parade

most spirited

sunsets on the Bayou

spending time with my favorite

There have been several times over the past month where I have tried to really soak in the precious moments as they come. I think the last trimester being here has really triggered some realization that our family dynamic will soon be changing. While I am so excited, I also know God has given our family this precious summer season to enjoy each other and take time to sow into Lane and Holden. 
July promises to be just as fun!