Lane Turns FOUR

How does it happen so quickly?

To a BIG FOUR....
we celebrated a day early because he was given a surprise trip to Disney World from Grandmomma and Granddaddy (and bc his momma and daddy had an early morning flight to go skiing in Park City) 

His pre-school Leikas has a precious birthday tradition of playing the birthday bongos and singing. 

His request for his class party was "Spiderman cupcakes with RED Icing!"

We celebrated again that night with Sam (turned 9) and Lane. Pie and Mary made the Mickey Mouse cake to hint the trip to come. 
He loved his present from us (totally recommend for this age) a kids digital camera.

Lane at this age: silly, inquisitive, observant, loves building fires with his Daddy, snuggles with his Momma (especially back scratches), entertaining Luke, bathing (he would take three showers a day if we let him), fishing, tying all of this toys together, eating cinnamon rolls, and ON REPEAT: "Let me tell you something".  He is a lot like his daddy (which in my book is a GREAT thing)
He has also discovered vanity, and in the mornings brushes his hair in front of the mirror, asking me constantly, "How does his hair look?!"
So thankful for my first born, we love you Lane.