MAS Reunion

We had a great time catching up with old friends and classmates this weekend. Here are some pictures from the events:
Friday night cookout at the Kirkpatrick home

beautiful as always

Welcome banner a mom had saved since Prom

lots of mingling and catching up

On to Saturday by the pool:

Lane meeting Evelyn, Kalee (who is holding Lane) and Dillon P's little girl. Precious. she is 10 months old

hanging with Steven

Saturday night at the Country Club:
Jeremy and Lee with their significant others

James catching up with the Drs. Tuckers (who are now Selma residents!)

Kalee, me, Mags, and Elizabeth


yes-- the teachers called us "The Dream Team" because they thought we were such a good class...little did they know!

CARM husbands, even in appropriate order! (for you Mr. Mike!)

Jamie our class Pres. accepting "the most interesting job award"...what does he do? something to do with bull semen? I never quite understood

MAS class of 2001 (minus about 30)

we then spend the evening trying to break it down Bobo style:

Today we are all worn out and doing a lot of this:

(we just received baby Einstein MacDonald farm DVD, he is mesmerized)


Blast from the Past

This weekend is our 10 year high school reunion! I am working on a slideshow for the big event, and it has been very entertaining looking back on old pictures. It will be fun to catch up with everyone, hear where they are now, and meet/see their significant others and babies. Here is a preview:

before a pep rally

CARM (out of order)

basketball Senior year

Senior Luau at school and Maggie's Senior day (hence the crown)

A few things I noticed:
1. There is nothing better than the metabolism of an eighteen year old. It is not fair.
2. Short bobs were in (or at least in central Al)
3. We were care free --I know now this a blessing, being raised in families that love you, encourage you. We were surrounded by teachers, friends, and people that really sowed into our lives.

And last but certainly not least, guess who is having a baby BOY this December?!!??!!  
Pictured above, Mrs. Maggie Lewis!!!! I am so excited! For the record, I guessed it was a girl. (which makes me wrong now 4 out of 4 times.) So if you are having a baby, ask me what it is and 100% chance it will be the opposite. 



of a three year old. All photos courtesy of my niece, Fairchild Garner

budding photographer, maybe?!

A few pics from the party

playing poolside

Lane with Pop his great granddaddy

playing with Mydot, his great grandmommma

loving the Johnny-jump up!

yummy food

Pie and Sam

with the birthday girl

Jana and her babies (so big now!!)


Happy Birthday Sister!

This lovely lady turns ??? (we'll just keep that a secret, she might send a threatening text after reading this) tomorrow!! I am jumping the gun a day because we are celebrating tonight with a cookout at our house.  She is the best sister a girl could ask for: always there with a listening ear, keeping me up to date on the latest fashions/fabrics (generously giving me her hand-me-downs!), sharing her heart for the Lord and how He is working in her life,  giving helpful momma tips, and just a really fun person to hang out with.  See, pretty great right?! Now that we live only a couple blocks apart, we get to play a lot more!

from awhile back at the beach, Mac the chef and his two assistants  tasters

love this picture of them!

and this past Christmas when I was swollen  pregnant, but she looks great!

Happy Early Birthday Jana! Can't wait to celebrate tonight! The Osborns love you!


Pretty Ladies

Here is a shot of the girls at dinner Saturday night:

We had a great time (though short) catching up: hearing about babies growing, future plans of marriage and moving, job updates and changes, and of course reminiscing of old times. We remembered times of the beginnings of our friendships and laughed about encounters that brought us together...first impressions not easily forgotten, but lasting impressions that will go the distance.  Thanks to the husbands and parentals that made it possible. (or in my case parental in laws!)


Squirrel Reunion

This weekend I am headed to the beach, and get to spend time with my Alpha Gam pledge sisters! I can't wait to catch up with everyone...here are some shots from back then so you can get an idea of how much fun we have together.

Auburn/Vandy game Senior Year

sketch Mex, a Friday night favorite

Junior (I think?) Formal

Pink House Girls

visiting Brooke in Charleston

last beach reunion

Christmas Date Party (do you think black drop necklaces were in?!!)

Emily's wedding

Senior Year at Bodega 

Fun at the FloraBama 

Can't wait to see you girls!


5 months

Lane is getting so big! Where does the time go? He is learning new "tricks" everyday.
His new thing is to wrinkle his nose and scowl when he is not happy. I try not to laugh and tell him it is not a nice face, but it is pretty funny looking. He LOVES water. We take him swimming almost every afternoon, and I think he would stay in the water kicking as long as possible. He is eating around three fruit or vegetable stage ones and drinking around 30 ounces a day. We have a doctor's appt next Friday so will get his height and weight stats then. He is wearing 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers (and a few left over ones).  He still sleeps great- from about 7:30 to 6:00 am. He loves being on his stomach and tries to crawl, but still really can't go anywhere. He also loves watching his cousins Sam and Fair, they could entertain him for hours. (or really anyone for that matter!)

Lane-we love you so much! We both rush home to see you after work. When you give us that big smile and pump your legs really fast when you see us, we melt. You are such a JOY to us!