for those that lost loved ones and homes in the tornadoes yesterday. Thankfully the bad weather didn't really come our way. For those in the Birmingham area, the Birmingham Dream Center is working on helping out in relief efforts. (this is taken from the35212.com)
The Dream Center has mobilized its mobile grill and is providing breakfast in Pratt City. They will be assisting with cleanup and providing items for tornado victims in the Pratt City area, as well, and have requested donations of the following items:
 Towels** apparently the most needed item


Work gloves




Toilet paper

 Please drop off any items at the Dream Center today. They are located in the old fire station at 5705 First Avenue North.




Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate!

I still have that song stuck in my head (which I don't think is a bad thing!) from church yesterday. James and I were getting ready yesterday morning, and he was singing to Lane all of the songs he might hear in church. (unlike me the husband has a beautiful voice that I hope Lane inherited)  He was singing this one saying that when everyone sings it normally comes out with not as much excitement and joy that it could. So sure enough when we were in church the choir started singing it, and I looked at James and tried not to laugh as he was shouting Celebrate Jesus Celebrate! We did celebrate with a wonderful day filled with church, fellowship with family, and fabulous food. We are so thankful that He is Risen and is our Lord and Savior.

Ready for a fun weekend

Look what She She the Easter bunny brought! 2 baskets for Lane full of goodies!

 Thank you to my Osborn grandparents, lots of things I will enjoy
 before church, not so sure about picture time
ok, much better-- laughing with dad

he is SO hysterical

mom can be funny sometimes

family shot

Jim, James, and Lane (notice the crinkled eyebrows on ALL three!)

I love my granparents!

Easter egg hunt for all ages

James getting physical (yes he is almost 30 and still elbowing over easter eggs)

sweet Annie hunting in style

Mamaw Lane giving Lane his Easter basket  
I loved my first Easter!


Gender Reveal

I'm going to have another nephew! I am so excited! I was totally wrong, I thought Mac and Lacey were having a girl the whole time. without a doubt. What a fun surprise! Lane will have a boy cousin only 7 month younger. I know they will be great friends and get into alot of trouble fun together. Here are a few pictures that I have from the night. Lindsay, Lacey's sis who most of you know as Ole Miss Mom did a great post, so go check it out here.  Lacey made a game that everyone played to find out that baby Russell is a he. She explains it in this video --Go check it out and pass it along to any of your friends that are pregnant and want to play the game, such a great idea!

setting the game up

 Mother to be and Daddy Doc

playing excitedly

 Mac and Lacey's nieces and nephews (minus Rhodes)



My Boys

 Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful day here...sunny, no humidity, and warm but not hot. Perfect for a packed picnic lunch outside (or pick up Taziki's and find the nearest park bench). This weather makes me ready for the beach. One of my friends recently posted here, about being a mountain kind of girl. I am definitely a beach kind of girl... boat rides to the island, sand between my toes, fresh shrimp dinners, cocktail cruises, the smell of salt water in your hair, and if the conditions are right, a fishing trip with my dad. I can't wait for Lane to experience it all.
I think they look just alike here

getting some sugar

Notice the back of his head has a nice ring around it? It cracks me up! I am not sure why his hair will not grow there, but it won't. Also notice the nice mullet forming. I see all of these pictures of baby's first haircut when they are like a year old. His might be a lot sooner if this keeps up!

I don't think I have told all of my blog friends that my sister-in-law, Lacey is pregnant! I am so excited for them...she is due Sept. 21st (praying for her sake and mine she will be a week early and have baby Russell on my birthday)
This Thursday we will find out if baby Russell is a boy or girl. I can't wait, I think girl. We shall see...she has come up with a fun way to reveal the sex to everyone, so I will document for you.
I know he/she will be beautiful with these two as parentals!


Fishin' with Daddy

well maybe you can't quite call it fishing yet, but Lane went on his first cruise on Dot's yacht (my grandmother's fishing boat)...
I have a feeling this is a glimpse of many Saturday afternoons to come after we move to Selma

just chillin

brother Amos just swam around the boat the entire time, he LOVES the water as all good Labs do

The house is coming along....saw one wall of cabinets up, they look great. I will post more pictures when they are all in.


Botanical Gardens

Sunday was gorgeous here in the 'ham so we thought we would take Lane to the botanical gardens for a photo session. It was beautiful, lots of flowers in bloom, although everyone had the same idea and it was crowded. Of course, we got there and I realized you can't really prop an 8 week old on a stone bench, so our settings were slightly limited. Oh well, next time we will be more prepared. Here are a few pictures--
he was so impressed with all of the flowers

His outfit was his daddy's coming home outfit from the hospital when he was born


8 weeks

The little man is now 2 months old! (I guess you start counting by months now??)
I have said this before, but he really is such a good baby. He is sleeping 8-10 hours every night and is only fussy when he needs something. (I know I am blessed) Now that being said, I now go to bed around eight o'clock because I am sooo tired by the end of the day. I am doing bootcamp at 5:30 am, which has been challenging, but the only time I really have to workout. (and for the record, eating a piece of chocolate cake everyday in the last trimester was not a good idea) I am still breastfeeding...just pumping at work. I don't know what I would do without the Medela. It has to go everywhere! Here are his latest pictures, he is quick to smile and coo...especially at his Daddy, I try not to get jealous.
He loves, loves having his diaper changed!

Doesn't he look more like a little boy here?!!

probably smiling at the light

I could just kiss this face off!! (picture taken by M Lewis)

Below is a Flip Video that James took yesterday of Lane playing in his MamaRoo. You can't hear him due to the sound, but he was cooing like crazy. (everyone besides grandmothers--you only have to watch a couple of seconds, it is the same thing the whole time!)