Yea Friday!

This has been a tiring week, no particular reason really, just one of those long weeks that when the weekend hits you feel like you can finally take a deep breath. We are headed to Moulton this weekend to visit with James's fam. Speaking of which, I want to introduce you to Betsy. Betsy is Michael's fiance, aka my sister in-law to be (in less than a month!!)  She is wonderful, very caring which explains her job as a nurse.  I am very excited for them.

(photos by Sara Marie)

Aren't they adorable?!

Hope everyone has a wonderful RELAXING weekend!



These were taken last weekend when I was in Orange Beach. It is heartbreaking such natural beauty is being destroyed.

My Uncle David's Tshirt says it all:


Things I am Lovin' right now

Books (both below given to me by my sister and sister-in-law, thanks!)

Beautiful love story between two people and God,  includes letters written to them by CS Lewis as they search to know Jesus

Just finished this, an autobiography, love the writer's honesty and humor

Yes, I joined the bandwagon. I will say I love them though, but not for the advertised reason of firming my rear while I walk. (Sadly, I have not seen that result) But they are great if you are on your feet all day. They are very comfortable and actually help my posture, thus alleviating some of my lower back soreness.

House Hunters International on HGTV
Random I know, but James and I both love it. Tune in some time.

Meyer Lemon Anything
My brother the chef has been using them for awhile. They are less acidic than regular lemons and therefore sweeter. We came home from California with some of this:

Meyer Lemon Syrup, yum

I am wanting to make this recipe soon.

That's about all the random stuff for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Beach Babies

Some pictures from last weekend at the beach....

Fair got into Aunt Ra Ra's makeup

Sam just crusin'

Fair in my old beach chair

Uncle Ames rocking the babies to "sleep"


CA Trip Part 3

The last leg of our trip was spent in Sonoma County, specifically Forestville. Everyone says Sonoma is more how Napa used to be. I thought it quite charming. The wineries were smaller and tucked away down country roads. We stayed at the Farmhouse B&B. It was wonderful! They had a "bath bar" where you could pick from different bath salts, scrubs, and soaps each day (uh, yes please). It was also centrally located in the Russian River Valley which is known for their outstanding pinot niors.

Our cottage

This was our favorite winery in the area. The best pinot nior and sauvignon blanc. Also small world story: We were talking to the winemaker and owner at the tasting, and he said he had just been in Mountain Brook to visit family. Turns out his first cousin is in our small group at church. 
Mr. Peacock roaming

Schramsburg, known for their sparklings
Delicious aparagus soup at BarnDiva in Healdsburg

My cousins, Debbie and Annie came to spend the day with us, such a treat!

At Bella winery
On the way back into SF, we stopped at Baker beach for a few pictures.
Well that finally wraps it up! James and I both agreed this area would be revisited again someday.
James's notes:  Overall, the trip was fabulous. A perfect getaway for those loving food, wine,and relaxation in a gloriously beautiful setting. My favorites from the trip were Del Dotto Winery ( absolute best), fried chicken(the best yet) at Ad Hoc, Lunch at Auberge(amazing) braised short rib and lobster risotto with an apple tart for dessert; Schramsberg Reserve Sparkling wines and tour; Italian dinner at Scopa in Healdsburg, lunch at Oakville grocery, Arista winery -Pinot Noirs. The week was great completely. It was great to slow down and reconnect with my wife.  The sonoma area was very laid back and not as commercialized compared to Napa. The place to stay is Yountville,Ca in the Napa valley due to the proximity to great food and the wineries-along with a very charming town too. San Francisco was walked  in a day and if visiting Gott's Roadside is not to be missed - amazing. I can't wait to go back.