We are headed to

Oxford, Ms to celebrate the wedding of John and Mallory. I am taking my camera, so hopefully will have some good pics to post when we return. John is one of James's best friends from home. We are so excited for them, and can't wait to celebrate with them!

Also Happy Birthday to my cousins, Mary Russell and Shannon!


Meet Molly...

This is my bff Molly, she is quite wonderful. We have been friends since freshman year of college when we both pledged AGD at Auburn, and lived in Owen Hall. We complement each other very well...She likes organizing closets, my closet always needs organizing. She likes the white chex and brown things in chex mix, I like the wheat chex and pretzels. In college, we both were not so great at budgets, but great at encouraging eachother to purchase cute needs not wants. (well that is a similarity, but you get the picture.) She has a heart of gold, and is the most genuine person I know. 

And the best thing has happened...She is engaged!! To Rich, who is also wonderful and deserving of such a special person. He proposed last night in Chicago. I am so excited!

Aren't they adorable?!
Best Wishes Rich and Mols!


Good Cause

Good Food, Good Music, Good Fellowship
(and you can help James and me celebrate our one year anniversary!)
If interested, let me know
You can checkout Christ Health Center's website here.


Friday Favs

1. Kari Jobe CD
She sang at Highlands last week and was awesome! I have been listening to her music in my car this week, and it really helps starting my day having a Godly perspective.

2. Crystal Light-been trying not to drink soft drinks, and this has become my staple. Who knew there were so many great flavors?! Rasberry Lemondade is my favorite.

3. Bounce Bar-Shelia gave us one in our stocking for Christmas, and I have loved it! Just got a fresh one...it makes your clothes smell and feel great right out of the dryer.
4. Grab the Gold Bars-a friend recommended these to me (thanks Kate!)...They are full of protein, low on sugar, and really fill you up. You can get them online or at your local YMCA.


"If you're not first you're last"

As quoted from Ricky Bobby, Talledaga nights...That was my attitude going into the Porsche 250 Race, part of the Indie Race weekend in Birmingham this past weekend. aka, what has my husband dragged me to? I felt like I should be wearing my finest pair of cut offs, white tank, trucker hat, and maybe not have showered. But after arriving (without showering, but not in forementioned outfit), I quickly changed my tune. It was another gorgeous spring day. We had packed a picnic, and I had brought a good book. James was so happy to be there, all equaling in a fun experience. The actual race was ok, kinda loud. I did lookout for Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy, but never really figured out which one was him.

This is the car I want to "tootle" around in one day. Isn't she cute?! She is an Austin Healy.
Thanks Jim for sponsoring the race!



Mexican Style!
This past Friday night, we got together to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Lindsey and Brentley. Lindsey is a dental school friend that is now practicing in Texas. Brentley is a plastic surgeon resident in Galveston,
Tx. They are both funny, smart, and beautiful people. Their wedding is coming up in May in Gulf Shores, and we can't wait!

JR and Nick
their beautiful wives, Amy and Penny

Morgan, Lindsey, myself, and Julie (all in my dental school class)

Julie and Morgan

Julie and Nick (normal nick picture!)
with the man of the hour

Lindsey and Erin (the party was at her awesome home)

Julie and James catching up on food talk
what's going on under that sombrera?!

Erin the bug zapper

Hostess shot

It was so much fun getting to spend time with dental school friends. We had alot of catching up to do (and yes there was alot of teeth talk!) .

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Next up....Porsche 250 Race...


About time

I had some time to update! We have been busy around the Osborn house. Nothing too productive really, just out and about enjoying this beautiful spring weather. It is hard for me to sit in front of the computer when I get home from work, because there is still alot of daylight and warm sunny skies to be enjoyed. Amos has really been loving it, because we go walking/running/to the park every day. However, he does not like to get too hot. Spoiled dog.
I have alot to post, so will rewind to last weekend, Easter. We headed North to Moulton for the weekend to spend time with James's fam.
after church Easter Sunday

preparing a feast

my contribution

James's aunt and cousins, Sarah, Brad, and Teresa

participators of the annual Easter egg hunt, no age limit

action shop, right before I over turned the wheel barrow, hunting the golden egg, and found a six foot snake (yes, lost some hunting enthusiasm after that)

James, aka snake slayer
Michael hunting hard
everyone enjoying the day

James's sweet MaMaw

He found the "100 dollars"

We had a wonderful time! Next up....Mexican Fiesta Party Post