Fowl Cay Vaca

A few weeks ago we took a family vacation to the Exuma, Bahamas, specifically a small island called Fowl Cay, consisting of about seven houses and a main house for meals. James and I decided we should try to take the boys, well only if under the condition that Pie and Pal would join us. I cannot tell you what a good idea that was :)
It was Holden's first plane trip, Lane's second. They did great. It was an easy Montgomery to Atlanta, Atlanta to Nassau trip. We then took a charter from Nassau to Staniel Cay, then a boat picked us up for the last leg. Sounds like a lot, but thankfully it went smoothly. The hardest part was the charter flight as it was very loud and hot, and by that time they were over the excitement of flying. 

Once we arrived it was gorgeous! Bluest water I have ever seen! 

This was our view of the dock from the side porch. Each house was given a little boat to use to explore the surounding islands. Perfection.

Each day we would ride by "pig beach" to see the pigs. They were enormous, the one above was one of the smaller ones. They would swim right up to your boat hoping for a treat.

This denotes our typical day--find a pretty spot, park the boat, play in the sand, eat our picnic lunch and then head back to the house for naps and swimming. Pretty relaxing. 

so thankful for these grandparents that shared their vacation helping with these rascals...

Lane's favorite spot 

endless white sand beaches and blue water

burying momma and baby boy

Headed to dinner at the Hill house--we took the boys the first night, yikes. Lane fell through the chair, Holden pulled his place setting off the table. They both threw rice everywhere. It was a disaster. We learned quickly a dinner delivery to the house was the way to go!

They loved swimming...by the end of the week they were fearless! Holden says, "I jump!" " I go under!" and he meant it...you had better be ready because there was no holding him back

It was one of the most relaxing vacations ever, and with a 3 and 1 year old that is saying something. 
We are so thankful for fun family memories and adventures! 
If anyone wants more info as far as details for planning, please let me know!! I love trip planning as you probably have figured out, and this was a great one.

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