Happy 87th Birthday Gigi!

My grandmother turns 87 tomorrow!  She is an amazing woman, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. We both are bookworms, love tennis and jeopardy, and we always have a lot of fun together. One of my favorite memories is when she took me to New York to the US Open. I was 16, and an obsessive Pete Sampras fan. We had the best time, and it is something I will always cherish. I also got to live with Maw Maw (as she was known to me before she became a great grandmother), at the beach the summer between my freshman and sophmore years of college. She put up with my crazy work hours (I was a server at a local at Calypso's in OB), friends coming to stay on the weekends, and boy drama (I was in between boyfriends at the time).  So Happy Birthday Gigi! I love you!

Jacqueline Fairchild Brown, age 5
(her namesake Fair Garner definitely bears a resemblance)

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I said to Steven when I saw the picture.."Wow, that looks like Fair!!" and then I read what you said about the resemblance! aha! Happy Birthday Maw Maw! She is such a sweet lady!