Christmas Season in Pictures

I am kind of brain dead right now (Holden wanted his paci several time last night), so I am not sure how much commentary will be included all of the pictures, but be ready for picture overload bc I am going to catch up in one post :)
Russell Christmas
grandkiddos minus Holden with Pie
Ford and Lane, scary how they already know all about phones! 
our best group shot of the cousins: Sam (6) Holden (5 months) Ford (15 months) Lane (22 months) and Miss Fairchild (5)
and the best news:

Yea! Ford will be a big brother soon!
Crawford Christmas:

Holden with his Pop
fam shot, not many pictures here bc it was almost nap time and these two babies where worn out!
Christmas in Moulton: Christmas this year was a hard due to Lane having the flu. Grandmomma and Grandaddy kept Lane and Holden the Friday and Saturday before Christmas (while we headed to Chicago for a little Christmas presents to us by us). He was just starting to not feel well when we left and then it went downhill. Thanks to Jim and Shelia for keeping our two kiddos especially when Lane was so sickly. It broke my heart because he really didn't feel up to much on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year I was beyond excited because I think he understood a little bit more that it was Jesus's birthday and we were celebrating with presents brought by Santa (ok, well now that I type it out, it is still confusing) We drove home through the storms on Christmas night to get him to our fabulous pediatrician Dr. Assaad the next morning. Confirmation: flu. He did start getting better the next 2 days and is back to his normal sassy self. I did try to capture a few pictures on Christmas Eve in their PJ's while he was having a good moment:
"Stop Pushing your brother!!"
and there it is...
thanks Uncle M and Aunt B for the toolset, that perked him up for a bit! 
the other bright moment of the day, he swished his first basket...future MAS Senator star, I think so :)
the rest of the day was spent like this...

the good thing is holdey was not deterred to have a MERRY Christmas, he loved his new toys... thanks G and G!

Thankfully the flu didn't get anyone else! 
This past week we did the norm: relaxed by the fire, played with all of the new toys, and enjoyed family time. I really reflected on how blessed we are with two happy healthy boys. 
James and I did a little goal planning for 2013, and I am also thankful for a husband that is the head of our family and thinks of such things. 
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that 2013 brings your family many blessings as well. 

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