Meeting Cousins and First Turkey

This past weekend we were in Selma working on the house and Lane got to meet some of his cousins. My sister Jana hosted us at her new home and cooked an amazing meal. It was so much fun to get to catch up with this group of girl cousins who all live in Mobile that I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Jana, me, Ann Marie, Shannon, and Mary Russell

The hostess with the mostess

Shannon and Fair

Pal and Fair, this picture cracks me up bc my dad does not usually have too much facial expressions in pictures, but this is priceless

Saturday Lane killed saw his first turkey bounty of the season. He and Pie went scouting the day before and the next morning it was a dead turkey thanks to Pie and Pal.  For those who are not familiar with our family, turkey hunting is BIG stuff. To my parentals it ranks right up there behind Jesus and family.  I think this could be a glimpse of what is to come....

notice a different outfit here, we had to have a quick change so he would be in his camo too (thanks Shelia)

More to come on house updates, it is looking great!!!

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Caroline Bobo said...

Hysterical Cherry took him turkey hunting ALREADY!!! AHAHA!!! Great pics of all the girls! So fun! Want to hear more about the weekend!!