King Daddy Sir

Today is my Daddy's (pronounced Diddy if you are from Selma) birthday. I wanted to wish him a very happy birthday. My father is awesome. He is loving, encouraging, funny (hence the title he used to get us to call him), and very wise. He is one of my biggest role models. Now that we both are dentist (or scientists as he would say), we have an even closer bond. It is so much fun to call him, hear about his day with patients, ask for advice, talk about a challenging situation, etc. He is a passionate Christ-follower. His love for Jesus and people is evident in everyone he comes in contact with. I am so thankful for him, and his love that has truly shown me a glimpse of my Father God's love for me. Happy Birthday!!

His Favorites...ice cream, cherry (the fruit and my mom), the civil war, (Gettysburg particularly) his bestest friend charlie, the western channel, bird hunting, alabama football..just to name a few

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Caroline Bobo said...

GREAT POST!! Dr. Donnie is an AWESOME man of God!! Very sweet Rayne!