Big Boy Haircut

It was time...or according to the husband it was time, for Lane to get a "real" haircut. I had trimmed it several times, but it was getting a little mulletesque....Thanks to Ivey for being up to the task!

Daddy the "head holder'
Since this was his first sucker, he was VERY cooperative

almost finished with lots of drool...

I forgot to take an "after" but in the next few posts you will be able to see the big boy haircut...it is very cute, though no more baby curls :(
I guess that I can deal with it since we will have another baby in the mix soon


Caroline Bobo said...

So hard to get the "first" haircut! Hysterical that James had to hold his head!! haha! Can't wait to see beach pics!

Angie said...

He is darling. I canNOT believe how blonde his hair is getting.

Jana Garner said...

such a big boy!! can't wait to see him later this afternoon -- may be picking up a sucker for him on the way!

The C's said...

Precious!! Agree with Angie -- his hair has gotten so blonde!!