15 months and Mother's Day

(This is very detailed for scrap booking purposes, so please feel free to just scroll and look at pictures!) Lane is 15 months old and such a HAM. He has figured out what makes us laugh and how to get a reaction and loves to "perform" to get a response. One such example is smelling feet. Don't ask me how this started, but he will smell his feet/your feet and then wrinkle his little nose up and make a "Phew-wee" sound.  He also has started shaking and bobbing his head while he walks around...cracks me up...which of course makes him do it more. 
He has four incisors on top and two on bottom (of course James and I check constantly, but he is just a late developer) He is becoming more and more verbal. It amazes me what words he will just randomly say, some of his newest are: sews (shoes), boo (boot), twe (tree) and da-e (daisy, our neighbors puppy) Does he say Momma? NO Does he know I want him to say it? YES He calls me "Da"...not to be confused with Dada (James) or Dog (Amos). I will pat my chest and say "Ma-Ma" and he will pat me right back and say "Da" and smirk and giggle. He thinks it is a game now, so I give it up! I guess it will come on his timing. 

He is all Boy: He loves mud, rocks, animals (especially dogs and horses), "driving" any vehicle, running around the neighborhood (Mary and he do laps during the day and all of the older ladies come out to visit when they see them). He finally will sit still to watch a little TV (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) in the morning when he wakes up at 6:00 am and I am trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. 

He loves books, his favorites: Whose Baby Am I? Goodnight Moon, The Storybook Bible, Animal and Insects

He loves wearing shoes (he gets that from his Daddy I guess because I didn't wear shoes until 5 and still don't prefer it) He brings you his tennis shoes when he is ready to go "Out!" He also knows his white shoes are for Sunday and kind of prances around when he puts them on. He understands sooo much, more than I give him credit for.  The other day he dropped his cup in the living room and I said, "Lane please go pick up your cup where you left it, and bring it to me so I can wash it off". He stopped what he was doing, went and found the cup and brought it to me. I didn't really think he would do it. Shows what he is capable of that I don't even realize. I think it is time for a little more instruction.

He LOVES playing with his cousins, and when Sam walks in he runs up to him, grabs his waist and hugs and hugs him. 

He is a pretty good eater. He still loves most carbs (biscuits!!), grapes, blueberries, oranges, and some vegetables. The way he gets most of his vegetables is by incorporating them in things like chicken pot pie, vegetable pasta, etc. He does like carrots, green beans, and squash. 

If you ask him to give you "noses" He rubs his nose against yours and squints his eyes tight. 
I just want to hit pause and enjoy this stage/time with him. I am sure you all know what I mean.

Here are a few pictures from Mother's Day before church...

our attempt at getting me with my two boys (30 weeks pregnant), but Lane still does not understand the baby in the belly concept...

I am so thankful for my wonderful mother and MIL. You are both such amazing moms and examples of Godly women. I appreciate all of the "mothering" so much more now that I am a mom. It is the best job in the world, and I am so thankful to experience it. 


The C's said...

Love this post Da!!!! He is so cute. Love the comment about smelling feet! Too funny and we do noses too!! :)

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

I love the picture of you and Lane before church. So pretty! He is the cutest and funniest little thing- I love him! It's too funny that he calls you "Da" too. And, I concur we will have a spritzer!;)

Caroline Bobo said...

Great post and you know I read every last detail :) I agree..the smelling feet thing is pretty strange, but funny. He is getting big and understanding instruction good. Love all his cute faces and especially love your baby bump! Cannot wait to meet baby boy #2!! You look beautiful little mommy!