Showering Baby Rossell

A few weeks ago we celebrated the upcoming arrival of my friend Molly's baby. She is due 20 days before me, and I am soooo excited! Our children will either be BFFs or have an arranged marriage. 

Alpha Gams present--several that just have had babies-Blair and Adrienne, and several that are due in June and July-Lesli, Alyse, Molly, and me

Hostesses minus a few with Mols

everyone brought their favorite children's book to help start the Rossell family library

Lane gave Molly a monogrammed hospital gown because he his momma thinks everyone needs a personalized gown for delivery pictures

Molly (doesn't she look amazing!) with her sweet nieces, Molly and Cate 

Thanks Bess for sharing your pictures with me....
Can't wait to meet Baby Rossell and find out if you are a girl or a boy! 
I am guessing GIRL

I'll be back soon with beach pictures from this past weekend!


Caroline Bobo said...

such a fun shower!! Molly looks great!

Bess O said...

It was such a fun shower. Thank you for showering Baby R with so much love! I can't wait to meet him or her either!