Peek a Boo

Lane loves to play in the mirror after his bath...
He thinks he is pretty cute, as do I!

He loves to play peek a boo with himself. He puts his little fingers in front of his face and then pulls them off in a exaggerated fashion. cracks me up.

Here he is telling himself to Go, Go!

This is him cheating. He is "covering his face" but spreads his fingers so he can see. makes sense to me!

another cheater picture

Sweet boy!!

I am 27 weeks and this pregnancy is rolling along...I passed my glucose test last week, praise the Lord! (I didn't with Lane and had to do the 3 hour=no fun)
I am craving CARBS...pasta salad, cheese toast, muffins, Life cereal...
I have a lot more energy, I think due to continued bootcamp and chasing Lane around.  The best thing is that the sausage leg has NOT appeared, wahoo! 
I have become allergic to eye makeup. Seriously, every time I wear eye makeup and don't take it off after a couple of hours of wear, I get red welps on my eyelids and under my eyes. Awesome. 
Another highlight of being pregnant this summer was finding a bathing suit...James and I went a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I made him go as I knew he would be honest. Brutally so, yes, but I would rather that than not...I tried on about 5 before, He said, "That one is really not that bad". I knew we had a winner. 

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Natalie said...

Those pictures are fabulous!