Luke's Birth Story

First let me preface this story, by giving credit for the awesome photographs from Jesse Walsh of Dreamtown photography. She is the best friend of Kate, a friend who had precious baby Aimee the day before Luke. Due to being in town, we had the pleasure of having Jesse there capturing Luke's birth. So thankful, as she captured so many details. 

September 4, 2014. James and I were admitted to the Vaughan Regional Memorial Hospital in Selma, room 437. We had planned induction on this day, but I had already begun contractions the day before and was in the beginning stages of labor. Good timing. 
I received my IV at 6:00 am, and the nurse checked my dilation, 4 cm. I was not in any pain. 
She started pitocin at 6:30 am. 
Our friends, Brett and Kate came in to say hello at 6:45 am, they were a little tired from night one with baby AK. 

Dr. W came in and broke my water at 7:50 am. I immediately went to 6 cm. He instructed James to go ahead and take the boys to their first day at Leikas preschool, but make it quick as it should not be too long. This was one of those things I was probably irrationally insistent on. I wanted James to take them so they had a sense of normalcy for their first day of school. I wanted them to have equal attention, which looking back is funny as with the three of them nothing is ever "normal". 

They were very excited about their first day and had no clue that baby brother would be making his debut the same day. 
Dr. Y came and administered the epidural at 8:00 am. It was wonderful! I was pain free, but could move my legs and toes. 
Jana and mom arrived and were keeping me company while James was gone. 

Pep talk from Maggie and Shelia

Who knows what we are talking about? Probably the fact that we still had no name for this sweet boy. 

 Then something malfunctioned with the epidural around 10:00 am. I was 8 cm, but was feeling every contraction. They were coming every 30 seconds lasting 30 seconds at a time so it was very painful with no time to recover. I remember asking what do you do to make it better? My friend Kristen said "find a spot to focus on and breathe." I tried it, and found out I was not very good at breathing :)
Dr. Y said to let him know if anything seemed uncomfortable. My sweet husband (insert sarcasm) said to please just call him and let him know as there had to be a solution. (insert patience) I was trying to tough it out, but finally realized that was not going to happen. Dr. Y came back, repositioned and boosted and thank goodness, I was back to feeling fabulous! All of you natural birth moms out there, Kudos.

I love that she captured this shot as it sums up that period of intense pain. White knuckles, thinking the baby will be here soon, you can do it. Why does there feel like there is a bowling ball hitting my pelvis every thirty seconds?! 
Pie and Jana were right there making sure everything was ok and praying...
As soon as the booster took effect around 11:00 am, I immediately completed dilation. 
Ready to push. My nurse Jennifer seen above was amazing. Out of all three of my deliveries, she was the most calming, compassionate, but yet unobtrusive of any nurse I have had. 

Kristen helping with a last minute makeup check before delivery. 
Priorities :)
Five nursing students watched the delivery. None of them had seen a live birth before. It made me laugh every time I looked up to see some of there expressions. I think they learned a lot. 

Dr. W came in to deliver and two pushes later at 11:18 am Baby Boy Osborn arrived! 

James cut the umbilical cord and all looked perfect. 

Love at first sight

Proud parentals

8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches long
light hair and more fair skinned than his big brothers at birth

love this as he still pokes that lower lip out when he is upset

sweet daddy time, melt my heart

This is when we were trying to figure out his name. We really had no clue, we had tossed out tons of ideas, but nothing was a clear front runner. With all of our boys, we had not 100% decided on his name before we saw him. This was the first time I really didn't have it at least narrowed down. I had prayed that the Lord would show us and reveal his name. I really thought James was suppose to name him and was at peace about it. 

That morning when we got to the hospital early before anyone was there, James and I had devotional and worship time. Jesus calling scripture that morning included John 8:12:
12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (emphasis mine)

We both felt like light of life was important and for the baby. I so happened to bring the Christian name meaning book to the hospital (just in case!), and James looked up which name meant light. I knew it was one we had thrown out as an option...Luke. James has always like Luke so I knew part of his name should be that. I had liked Daniel, and felt like he was going to have integrity and gifts of the Spirit  like Daniel. James was leaning towards Daniel. So we put them together...and the perfect name for our son, Daniel Luke Osborn. 
Right before the picture below, I said well go take him out and introduce him to everyone. James said, "ok, well what are we going to call him?" I said, "who knows?!?" I thought we had done well to have a name :)

sweet family and friends hearing the news

sweet baby burrito
After school Lane and Holden were brought to meet "new baby". They were SO excited. I missed seeing Lane's face as he saw him for the first time as he saw through the nursery window. James said it brought tears to his eyes because of the look of sheer AWE on his face. 

Holden was a little overwhelmed :)

all of my boys, couldn't be happier

Lane kept saying over and over, "new baby is sooo cute!"

Family of Five

Happy Birthday Luke! 
(thanks Mols for the baby bites to celebrate!!)

Praise God for this perfect healthy blessing!

He is six weeks old now, and proving to be a laid back baby. He is starting to sleep longer at night, (4-5 hr stretches) and is a great eater.  I am really soaking up the newborn stage as now I know how fast it passes. 
His big brothers are doing well, for the most part loving to help in their own way. Holden "helps" with diaper changes (poopy diapers are a great source of giggles), and Lane likes to entertain him in the nap nanny. Luke immediately turns his head when Lane walks in the room and starts smiling. 
We have had an enormous amount of love and support over these past weeks...hot meals, phone calls, and help with Lane and Holden. Thank you!! 

Welcome Daniel "Luke" Osborn. 


Daniel Luke Osborn

Last Thursday, September the 4th, we welcomed our son, Daniel Luke Osborn to our family. Everything went wonderfully, and he couldn't be sweeter. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures, a full blog post coming soon!

8 pounds, 6 ounces. 21 inches 

He is such a LOVE


Slip N Slide Fun

One of the most fun parts of our new house is the yard. The back yard is flat and has a great playground area. The front has a big sloping grassy area that is perfect for a big slip n slide. We decided to give it a try last week. 

The Garners overseeing the festivities

I ordered one (husband approved off Amazon) that is 75 feet long. It was the perfect length for the kids.

We also celebrated Holden's birthday as it was two days later. He loved the celebration aspect (aka cake, cookies, and candles) but not so much the slip n slide. 

The Tuckers

The twins have gotten so big! Walking everywhere, I am thinking this is Ellie, but I could be wrong as they look so much alike!

James giving it a try

and Brett...which is when we realized it was not long enough for the adults as they went speeding down and kept going off the slide for -oh I don't know- about 15 feet in the dirt. Bruises, scrapes, etc. were acquired by all. Did this phase them? Nah...plans were made for tripling the length. 
Don't worry I stayed OFF

Holden how old are you?
Close buddy.
Trying it again

This is a perfect depiction of my second born. He wasn't really into the "thrill" of the slide, but enjoyed drinking from the sprinkler, running up and down the hill, and eating his weight in goldfish. 
And when we are celebrating your birthday, do what you want to do.

Happy Birthday to Holden and Jana!!
It is so hard to believe my baby (for five more weeks) is two. James and I told him about the day he was born several times. He loves hearing about how he "crawled" out of momma's tummy (if it were only that easy!!). 
He is so full of life. He loves to cuddle and will hug and kiss you anytime. 
He is just as sassy as sweet. He will adamantly tell me "NO, I not do that. " not caring that there will be consequences. I have a feeling he will teach us creativity with discipline ;)
He calls his new brother "Caillou (most winny kid on tv) Mickey Mouse Osborn Jr." and then laughs at himself. 
I think you are funny too Holds.