Sweet Leikas

The boys attend a preschool named Leikas (named after the founding teacher). It is such a great school-wonderful teachers and a great curriculum. They are scripture and music focused, and the boys have memorized more things than I realized was possible at this age. So thankful! The end of the year/graduation program theme this year was "Sweet Leikas". They sang songs such as "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" (reminding me of Alpha Gam rush days!), Good Ship Lollipop, etc. All outfits were candy or sweet inspired. 
Holden was a "sweet dream" and Lane was "Cracker Jack Boy"

Holden was in the two year old class, Lane was in the three year old class

thankful Grandmomma came to watch!

Luke checking out his big brothers
melt my heart! 

Lane with "Captain Crunch"
He was so embarrassed 

Our best buddy Foster was Willly Wonka

I'll be back sometime ;)


Hello there

It has been awhile! I have a million excuses, but instead I'll just get right to it....The end of March we headed to Charleston to celebrate my cousin Burke getting married. It was fabulous! A road trip with friends and family, such a cool city, and delicious food and music...hard to beat.

Friday we went to the Wine and Food Festival, freezing but fun

nothing like a group of adults in a ball pit :)

We went to a blow dry bar Friday, followed by a makeup application...glamour shots! 

dinner at McCradys, delicious!

met Sean Brock, I love getting pictures with the chef....James spots them, and then I run up and embarrass everyone

fun times at the after party

ready for the wedding with my hot date

with the happy couple!!! 
Love the Busters!

Hopefully I will continue with the updates!



Mother Of All Ski Trips that is....
We went with a group of five other couples to Park City, Utah to ski a month ago. It was awesome, great group, and a great time was has by all!
The Sams, Osborns, Atchisons, Griffins, Tuckers, and Woods

The first night we traveled via sleigh to dinner at a "Yurt" on the top of the mountain.
It was an experience to say the least. 

cold and cozy

view of Park City below

a few "spirits" to warm us up

my one fall of the trip was well documented

Brett had his GoPro to capture all of our amazing skiing (wink wink)

great to spend time with this guy

view of Deer Valley from St. Regis where the ladies had a spa afternoon, it was fabulous. 
Deer Valley is still my favorite place to ski...wonderful groomed runs, awesome lunch spots, and no snow boarders.

So much fun! We had such a great group, and really enjoyed fellowship with friends. Skiing is such a good vacation to do with couples. We decided it would be a tradition :) 


Lane Turns FOUR

How does it happen so quickly?

To a BIG FOUR....
we celebrated a day early because he was given a surprise trip to Disney World from Grandmomma and Granddaddy (and bc his momma and daddy had an early morning flight to go skiing in Park City) 

His pre-school Leikas has a precious birthday tradition of playing the birthday bongos and singing. 

His request for his class party was "Spiderman cupcakes with RED Icing!"

We celebrated again that night with Sam (turned 9) and Lane. Pie and Mary made the Mickey Mouse cake to hint the trip to come. 
He loved his present from us (totally recommend for this age) a kids digital camera.

Lane at this age: silly, inquisitive, observant, loves building fires with his Daddy, snuggles with his Momma (especially back scratches), entertaining Luke, bathing (he would take three showers a day if we let him), fishing, tying all of this toys together, eating cinnamon rolls, and ON REPEAT: "Let me tell you something".  He is a lot like his daddy (which in my book is a GREAT thing)
He has also discovered vanity, and in the mornings brushes his hair in front of the mirror, asking me constantly, "How does his hair look?!"
So thankful for my first born, we love you Lane. 


4/5 months, 2.5, and 1 week shy of 4

Luke is a complete LOVE. I forgot how wonderful this stage is...sleeping, cooing, rolling but not into everything, and all around content. The day he turned 4 months he rolled from back to stomach. In the past week, he has mastered the full roll. He is loving sucking on his hands and feet. I started feeding him rice cereal and a few foods. He still mainly makes a mess, but seems to enjoy it. I am still nursing in the morning, with bottles the rest of the day. He takes about 32 ounces a day....

play date with Aimee, Jack, and Braxton

hanging with Henry

Holden. He is a complete MESS. I have started keeping phrases and things he says in my phone, so I don't forget because they are priceless. Here are a few of my favorites:
"I am saving your place warm."
Me-"Holden where are you going?" Him-"I am going to get my milk and come enjoy the fire." (he might have heard me say this a time or two, insert wine!)
His water cup fell in the car. He said "you have to call the police, and get my water back!"
When Lane does something he knows is not good, "Daddy will spank you red Lane!"
When he gets upset and wants to get his point across, "You understand me Momma?!"
I was reading the cover of Anthropologie, Christmas edition. He saw the cover and said "Did that girl kill that deer dead?" (you will get this if you saw that one)
"My hands are really dirty momma, I need some hand sanitizer."
Me-Holden WHY DIDNT YOU POOP IN THE POTTY?!" Holden, "I'll try again next time, momma."

Lane is turning into a little boy. He really thinks through everything. He prefaces everything he tells you with "I got to tell you something..."
(from the Fair this past weekend)
He has a overall positive outlook on things...He tells me in the mornings, I watched the weather, and it will be a beautiful day!".  James took him deer hunting this past weekend, and he is hooked! He has asked for binoculars for his birthday :) He loves his "baby brother" more than anything. The feeling is mutual as Luke lights up and coos whenever he is near. I can't believe he will be four next week!


Christmas Time

Warning: Picture Overload!!!! and sadly all from my phone, my "real"camera didn't make it out this Christmas season. 
First off Santa, this is the first year we really talked about Santa and the boys asked questions. It was pretty funny. "Momma how does Santa get down the chimney?" Typical Lane question-logistics and mechanics. I answered something to the effect of a harness system. 

poor Holds, he couldn't wait to see Santa, and then when the time came, he freaked. (very typical Holden, big talker!)

Happy Birthday Jesus at school

Bass Pro trip...no Santa pic because Holden said "he not like Santa". I was fine with that as there was a long line.

Mary Russell and Annie at the Russell Christmas Party

so excited for these two! getting married!!

another generation singing carols

we made a fun trip to Montgomery to celebrate Kristen's birthday

this was one night after all of the Holiday festivities, Christmas time is fun but exhausting

opening presents with the Garners, Holden was so happy! Aunt J delivered

Fair was pumped about her cash (little did she know at the time, it was for her trip to NYC that Santa arranged for them on Christmas!)

Christmas with the Jones boys, super hero capes and Sumo Boppers=happy boys

Christmas Eve before Church

Christmas morning had a certain theme: Spiderman

well minus Luke, no spiderman for this happy nugget
After seeing what Santa brought at our house, we loaded up and headed North. The boys were so excited! Santa and Moulton in one day was their idea of heaven!

monster trucks

Granddaddy and Aunt B helping open
Uncle Michael being a good sport

playing more Spiderman

loved these two Auburn engineers trying to figure out the toddler toy, they didn't give up!
We had a wonderful Christmas, is really is so much fun with the boys this age. 
Between Jesus's birthday parties, family parties, and Santa presents, they were on a month high. 
Back to reality in January!