Beach days

This past week/weekend I headed to the Gulf with Lane (Thanks James and Pal for covering at work)....
We had a lot of fun eating, playing in the sand, and just getting some R&R.
Sunset Grille has a playground now so we will be regulars this summer, see Captain Lane

french fries and shrimp make this tiny tot happy

Lane loved playing with Mydot and Pop, here they are riding the green "alligator"

we went of several boat rides, it took Lane awhile to get used to the life preserver 

with Pie and Pal,  he made his first trip under the Pass into the Gulf

two peas in a pod

I love this one, looks like he is praising Jesus! He loved the wind!!

eating lemon at Tacky Jacks (thanks Grandmomma Shelia for the fishing shirt, it is quite a hit!)

he also spend a lot of time in the baby pool by the bayou, I think this well represents our stage of life right now
playing on the island (we love the hat Shannon!)

watching the boats just like daddy

water baby

We even had a date night to Fisherman's Corner, thanks to Pie and Pal for babysitting and to Aunt Ann for the recommendation, delicious!


Angie said...

Love this post and all the great pictures.

Shannon said...

Love all the beach pics! Looks like yall had a good time. See yall next weekend...and yes isnt it so nice that sunset grille has the play area...saw that a couple of weeks ago and was thinking that was a nice addition!

The C's said...

love the pic of lane sitting on amos!! frame worthy!! maybe i can escape to the beach soon! :)