Birthday Painting Party

My sweet friend, Angie, had her birthday last week. We celebrated with her last night with a painting party at our friend Beth's house. I am not very artistic, but it was still a lot of fun. Kind of like Sip n' Strokes, but a more intimate setting and a picture that I really like!
with the Birthday girl

Amanda Roberson's creation that we were trying to replicate or in my case, sort of mimic...

My "Art"

Hostess Beth in deep concentration

Amanda giving Kea and Jana tips

Kristen perfecting something, her's turned out really good...Also go check out her blog a few different pictures of the evening and why she is sporting the awesome green T.

Beautiful ladies and their paintings

Happy Birthday Angie, I loved celebrating with you!! 


Angie said...

I had such a wondeful time celebrating with each and everyone of you! I am so blessed and thankful to have you all in my life! Your angels are "wall worthy" and I hope you find the perfect spot, even if you hide it behind your bathroom door...ha! xo

Caroline Bobo said...

What a fun idea!! Love your painting! you did really good!!