Birthday Boy Photo Shoot

When we were in New York last May, I bought this birthday cake hat for Lane at FAO Schwartz. James rolled his eyes big time, but I loved it instantly. So I was very excited to pull it out for a photo op with the birthday boy. He was not as excited as his mama. Oh well, good thing he still can't talk much. 

My fav

This is when he had had enough! 

figuring out how to get. this. thing. off.

bonnet style

Be back soon with pictures from the birthday hunt and supper


Margaret said...

How. Precious. Hope he had a wonderful first birthday!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Lane looks so big in that last picture!
I bought a big giraffe for the nursery- before I was even expecting and Wood thought that was the craziest thing ever! I was very pleased to pull it out of the closet when it was time.
It's always good to plan ahead:-)

Angie said...

LOVE his birthday hat! Cutest one e.v.e.r. and he does look so big in that last picture-Stop growing :)

Caroline Bobo said...

Precious Bday Boy!! I love it that James let you buy the hat :)