Summer Pretties and Pregnancy Update

 I am 18 weeks along and feeling great! This baby has been very sweet to me and my body so far. I have good energy consistently, what a blessing! The belly is starting to pop, but I am not sure if it is all baby or baby/chocolate covered strawberries mix. Lane was born in February, so all of my maternity clothes are winter oriented. With this baby due late July, I am looking for some good pieces for spring and summer. I plan to mainly be in big comfy tunic/cover ups and flip flops. I think I will like it better, besides obviously the ferocious Alabama heat around July.

I just ordered these from the Gap for a Spring pant. LOVE the color, we will see if they are comfy when they come in. (because let's face it, if it is not comfortable, it does NOT make the cut)

Love the idea of this Tunic by Ella Moss, flowy with lots of room!

also saw these on Pintrest, always fun to accessorize when preggo bc at least size does not matter in your ears

Any recommendations of things that work well in the summer from you mommas that have summer/early fall babies?

We find out if Baby Deuce is a boy or girl on Friday!! I am so excited, I think it is a boy, but everyone else is thinking girl...obviously whatever the Lord has planned is best! My friend Molly is due 3 weeks before me and is not finding out, so exciting! I wish I could do that, but not so much. We aren't going to tell/his her name...we did that with Lane, not planned we just couldn't decide, but it was fun....

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Caroline Bobo said...

Cute pants!! Will be precious on you! So excited to find out what you are having!! I too say GIRL!!!