Little Lamb Vday

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I am pro-Vday all the way, not so much the cheesy stuff, but why would you not like a day to make the people you love feel extra special?? I made breakfast for Lane and James--this recipe off of Pintrest. It was pretty tasty.

 Well James and I thought so, Lane threw his on the floor :(
After work, I wanted to take Lane, Sam, and Fair on a special Vday excursion to see the lambs at our cousins farm. I (and really the credit goes to Pie as it was her idea) thought Lane would LOVE it as animals (well dogs and horses) are some of his favorite things. 

Exhibit A: not so happy about the furry creature

Sam and Fair (who had come straight from dance hence the leotard) were a little timid at first too

once they starting petting him they were a-ok

The truth is I think I loved it the most! 

This little guy was only 3 days old
Thanks to George for showing us the sweet little lambs or as Fair says "Look at all of the BABY SHWEEP!


Nancy said...

I wish you were in the Birmingham area & I would bring my little loves & their teeth to you!!
The lamb are precious!

Jesse Zora said...

Did you get to smell the pigs?

jana said...

I wish I had woken up at your house Valentine's morning - looks totally yummy!!! Appreciate you taking my peeps to see the sheeps. They had a great time. I love the pic of you with Sam and the sheep.

Angie said...

I am with Jana--Breakfast looked yummo!! Sweet pictures and what a great Auntie you are!! Love seeing Lane Boy's screaming face ;)

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

yes, that picture of you and sam is so good! and that lamb is precious. what a good cook you are-- that breakfast looks delicious!