Paul's Bday and LOVE Celebration

Saturday we got together to celebrate Paul's birthday and Valentine's day as a fam. My sister Jana, documented her inspiration for our time together here. It was a neat time, to "love on" each other in Christ.

Love these cool daddy rockers

beautiful table with nods to Birthday and Valentine's

Jana's delicious fried chicken fingers, Lane downed two by himself. They were that good.

She also made these special for me, chocolate covered strawberries are one of my all-time favorites. I might have eaten about half a dozen yesterday.  The baby made me do it. 

Pie is well and we are very thankful!!

Dr. Princess in her new Vday scrubs

Dr. Cowboy and Pal

Lane received a 16 piece band set from the Garners, thanks guys, just what we need.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles in the delicious strawberry pie. 

Think Fair and I enjoyed our strawberries?!

Thanks Jana for the fabulous partay!!

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Caroline Bobo said...

What a cute idea...Can you tell I am way behind on reading blogs! loving all the updates! Im sure baby made you eat all those strawberrys :) Too funny!