Lane's Birthday Celebration

We started the day with a quail hunt, thankfully the weather cooperated, just barely. 

holding the quail (after James killed it). Think he is a hunter in training?

with Pal
This precious little guy and his momma joined us, and oh my goodness he is sooo sweet!!

with Aunt Lacey

sweet cousins
The hunt was followed by a quail supper at our house.

Lane's smash cake, which you will see in subsequent pictures HE LOVED IT.

We also celebrated his big cousin Sam's 6th birthday
The cake was from Olexa's in Mountain Brook, and it was delicious. Yellow cake with berry filling, yummmm

He loved all of the balloons (which funny side story: I was a little upset when James went to pick them up earlier that day because they were not floating...I said James, "What happened to the balloons?" He said "what, I thought maybe you wanted them like that?". UMMM NO, I wanted balloons that float in the air. I insisted we load them back up and take them to the place where they "blew" them up and see what went wrong....long story short, they had not put enough helium in the because they were scared they would pop. AWESOME. We did manage to cut and re-fill a few to have floating balloons. But I must apologize to my husband and the lady that I might have given a dirty look to, because of course Lane's favorite balloons were they ones on the ground. Lesson learned-sometimes things that you think  you are doing for your child, you might really being doing for yourself

attempt at a family shot, but by now he had figured out he didn't like the hat

kiddo chalk table

excuse the glare, but I made this collage with all of his monthly pictures....I printed 8x10's for everybody to take home (good thing it was just family or it could be a bit overkill)

attempt at a cousin shot

Lane and Ford with the wheelbarrow the Garners gave him for his birthday


wheelbarrow was definitely a hit

shot with the birthday boy

cake time!!

He got it


I think he takes after me on this

He also got to have his first bite of Ice cream from Pal. (Pal has been waiting a long time for this, 365 days to be exact) It was also a hit.

Finger licking good

We love you Lane boy and can't wait for many many more!!


Caroline Bobo said...

What a wonderful day for Lane! Love all your birthday touches! The picture collage is perfect! great idea! Chalk table..so cute! Love the pictures of him eating his cake and icecream!! I know Pal is loving feeding him icecream :) You look great by the way...glowing with #2

Angie said...

Can I just copy everything Caroline said, b/c she summed it up for me too! Everything was perfect..LOVE all the pics and precious memories y'all made with Lane on his First Birthday~I am ready for the next "BIRTH"day in July ;) xoxo

Nancy said...

What a precious boy! Happy Birthday!